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Thread: LG cd-burner

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    LG cd-burner

    Hi all,
    I recently upgraded my pc to Windos XP Pro, but since then I haven't been able to use my cd-burner. My burner is an LG model CED-8080 and its speeds are 8x4x32x.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Try hitting http://www.driverguide.com/indexddc.htm and see if you can find an XP compatible driver there. Username is "drivers", p/w is "all". If not, contact the manufacturer and raise some hell!!!

    BTW, you can get a blazing fast Lite-On for around 50 bucks....food for thought.
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    I recently got a Asus CD Burner 52x24x52 for 60.00 US dollars. I also had a DVD drive to go into the computer also. I could get the computer to recognize the Burner but not the DVD. The problem ended up being that I forgot to set the DVD as a Slave drive. So if you have two drives double check the jumper settings.

    Next best thing is to do what allenb suggested. Find a driver or raise hell.

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    Re: LG cd-burner

    Originally posted here by sharpshooter
    I recently upgraded my pc to Windos XP Pro, since then I haven't been able to use my cd-burner.
    What exactly do you mean? For example, Does it power up ? Does it show up in device manager? What is it doing / not doing etc?

    If you provide some details, may be able to help
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    my guess, without proper information, that the problem is the wonderful *cough* program called Roxio. i was running a LG through Win2000 and my problem ended up being in registry keys. mind you, my drive could read music CDs but not data... i was getting error messages like "[drive letter] is not available Incorrect Function" and " There are no supported CD-recorders available..." when i try to burn.

    first, i believe there is a patch for roxio, if thats yer problem. try that first. didnt help me though. EAD_fix and ecdc_v5.3_basic

    here's what i did
    if you try this, back up your registry!!!!

    there are filters in the registry that seem to cause problems
    delete Upper and Lower filters from both these registry keys

    if all else fails with roxio, switch to nero and try that for a while... i like nero better anyhow...

    good luck hope this helps!
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