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Thread: Here go the numbskulls again.......

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    Here go the numbskulls again.......

    The surprise statement by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, that he favors developing technology to remotely destroy computers used for illegal downloads represents a dramatic escalation in the increasingly contentious rhetoric over pirated music.
    The entire JOKE is here

    So, all I do is hack my neighbors cable connected machine and D/L through him.... 3rd offense and "BANG"..... LOL...

    What about the kids...... It's your computer but that nasty little 16 yr old you wish you never had just has to burn those new tracks...... "BANG" there goes my $1000 machine......

    Idiocy.... Utter Idiocy!!!!!
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    cali forn i a
    haha thats funny...our government is gay when it comes to technology. i hope they dont actually pass that :-/ what could they actually do to destory ur computer? What if we counter attack??

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    there is already a thread about this in cosmos... and like i said before... it won't pass it breaks anti-hacking laws
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    here is another story on the same thing from a different news source. Sen. Hatch is nuts if he thinks this is a good idea.

    lord_darkside_x - they are talking about creating an exemption in the anti-hacking laws that would allow this type of behaviour from RIAA/MPAA/whoever it is they hire to do this for them.

    this is bad.

    I wonder what happens when someone is legally downloading copyrighted music (as in they actually own a physical copy of the cd in question) but still get hacked by these folks and loose all of their data because someone got over zealous?

    folks, not trying to be melodramatic or anything, but this is the type of thing that causes revolutions to occur. Not meaning a true over turning of the gov't type thing, but this could be the lynchpin in a move to change our gov't and the way it views technology. a "digital revolution" of sorts if you will.

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    Indeed, as Lvl4 stated, there would be an exemption in the Hacker Laws to allow for the legitmate hacking. However, they have no way of determining who has the legitmate right to d/l, therefore could hammer an innocent. This too was brought up.

    Just like the Exxon Bill, and the Email charge bill, this will cause a lot of people to go into an uproar, and nothing will be heard of it again. It is too intrusive, non-intuitave, and just ludicrious.

    Of course when has that stopped the U.S. Government when spurred on by Mega Businesses
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    This man forgets all the bogus music and movies.
    What when someone shares his non comercial home made Rock but they turn out to be three of those plastic fantastic Britney Spears songs.

    See you in court Sen.Hatch
    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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    Freakin' ridiculous!!!

    One of the problems is that it seems that even the people they bring in as their technical advisors at the capitol hill level are more busy being politicians than technical gurus.

    It seems that when they do get technical gurus to join the team they soon quit out of frustration with the politics involved.

    So, we have a bunch of politicians who probably don't even know how to read their own email- they have interns for that- listening to lawyers from the RIAA / MPIA who may know how to open their email, but still think AOL is the most technically advanced thing to come along since the electric toaster. Between these two entities they are supposedly going to come up with a plan to deal with those pesky MP3 downloading punks.

    I don't know if its ever been actually proven, but I believe that overall music sales went DOWN after they shut down Napster. The RIAA failed to understand that most people didn't really download complete albums and play them. People used the MP3's to make informed decisions about which CD's were worth buying. Most people I think actually prefer to own the CD and have the physical case and liner notes, etc.

    That may have changed some over the past couple of years with CD burners, more portable MP3 players and CD players that will play MP3 discs. There is less need for me to own the CD if I can burn the whole thing myself or just load the MP3's into my car stereo.

    So, the politicians who don't know anything about technology listen to the lawyers who don't know anything about technology and come up with bills like the DMCA which is weilded by vendors against legitimate security researchers in hopes of hiding vulnerabilities rather than actually alerting their customers or supplying patches. They come up with bills like the state-level Super-DMCA bills that by their wording imply that things like firewalls, NAT and VPN are heinous illegal crimes. Then, they decide that maybe they should create some way of simply blowing up your computer if they think you are breaking one of these laws.

    Given their technical savvy (or lack thereof) I'd be surprised if they could develop such a tool. If they approved this bill and developed such a tool I think they would see a HUGE hacker backlash that would cripple their systems instead.

    There is my $.04

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    So right tonybradley i download a lot with p2p because most music and movies aren t worth a $.

    They show you some nice fragments(the only 2 in the hole movie 2 x 20 sec) or you listen to the radio and you think hmm good song,
    at home the rest of the cd is crap.gone 22 euro.
    So only after listening/watching more p2p (not even close to the real deal)downloaded music and movies............i will only buy the real gems!
    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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    LOL, what will be funny is when people actually digest this information and understand what it really means. Then they will freak out and the media will pounce on it as usual. This is right about the time the politician decides that it is time to flip face and come up with a carefully crafted statement about how he/she had no intentions of ever wiping out hard drives, etc.

    Well time to crack a beer, fetch the lawnchair and wait for the sharks over on CNN to start circling.
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    even if this was to pass, which it wont for reasons stated above, whoever is hired to do this "hacking" will probably be hacked out of existance by angry people. There are millions of people out there who use p2p, both for legitimate and non legitimate purposes, and it only takes one smart person out of the bunch to retalliate. They will be offline before they can get into one single computer.
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