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haha thats funny...our government is gay when it comes to technology.
wow, does that mean our government likes to relate with new developments?

/me imagines George Bush sticking his thing in a male rj-45 port....

honestly, when are people going to stop being so ignorant of using that term lightly? imo its just as bad as being racist indirectly, which is correctable, but not necessarily physically righteously punishable.


as for the article, i dont see how that can be beneficial at all for the music industry, that will just bring tons of rebellious and VAST downloads like the poster said, via someone elses computer. AND stealth wise. It would never work. Thats like offering speed limits for everywhere of 20 mph (or something relative in kph, dunno the translation) . No one would follow them, but when one person gets caught they get their car destroyed. Yet still people will do it, and it wont stop. R - i - d - i - c - u - l - o - u - s Mr. Hatch, go ahead and try it

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out of the 20$ you spend on a cd (which cost pennies to manufacture) the artist gets less than a dollar , Go to a concert if you want to really support them.
that my friend doesnt matter. 1 dollar with a million sold copies is fine with them

The senator, a composer who earned $18,000 last year in song-writing royalties
how cute.. taking it personal eh? Isn't there some law against that :P