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Thread: help me !!(reg windows)

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    help me !!(reg windows)


    I am always getting message that my windows has been improperly shutdown and scandisk begins to scan all the drives though i shutdown the windows by clicking on startmenu.It is not scanning standard but advance including surface scan and taking me long long time to log into my pc.I changed the operating system from win98 to win me but the problem resides with me........plz help me .What is the problem.......i freshly installed the win me by formatting the c drive and still the problem exists with ME als o plz help me

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    I don't know the answer to your scan disk problem but I gaurntee that switching to ME was not the right choice (M$'s worst version of Windows)... if I were you I get my ass back to 98 and add SE.


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    Here you go. . .if you don't mind messin' / the reg. Won't fix any problem, but it'll get rid of scandisk. http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/846/
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    If you have really correctly made a clean uninstall before re-installing Windows, I would think to an hardware problem.
    Please note that I'm not familiar with your config, so I can be totally wrong, but I would check for all my hardware elements linked to memory. The hdd obviously, but also the ram: a corrupted ram can create a lot of weird (and sometimes systematics) problems.

    Windows lauch scandisk after each boot, ok. But have you noticed data losses or have scandisk found something serious?
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