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Thread: Could someone please help me.. Win XP Problem =\

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    Unhappy Could someone please help me.. Win XP Problem =\

    Okay, I deleted the shortcut to the desktop from the Quick Launch bar on accident.. now I cant get it back again. I used the system search for 'desktop', and I found what looked like a link to the desktop in my C:\Documents and settings\Default user folder. I tried making a copy of that and putting it in the QL bar, but it gave me a dialog that said it could not read the file.. =\. There were similar files in the other Doc and settings folders, and I tried using them the same way but they still didn't work. Does anyone know of a way to restore the link without restoring my compy? Thanks.


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    It's called "show desktop.scf", I believe.

    You'll need to edit the username in that other shortcut to get it to work.
    So the shortcuts reads something like "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Show Desktop.scf" Replacing USERNAME with your username.
    I've never deleted that particular on but it should recover as easy as any of the other ones I've deleted.

    good luck.
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    Click on "My Computer" then click on "C:" then "Documents and Settings" then on which user you want(Like "All Users" or what you have named yourself on the computer) and then you will see "desktop".

    Ok, I'm kinda drunk so let me elucidate somewhat. You have your own personal folder right? Like you have ALL USERS and then what your name is on the computer in another folder right next to it? Well, even if you don't, right click on desktop in whichever folder you have it in(All Users or whichever), and pick "create shortcut" from the menu. Then click and drag it to your desktop screen. Then you will have it there everytime you log in.
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    If the Show Desktop icon is deleted from Quick Launch, the procedure below will recreate the file.

    Open Notepad and enter the following text:


    Save the new file as Show Desktop.scf then drag and drop the icon on the Quick Launch bar or whatever location you want the shortcut to appear.
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    Ah, the last solution worked. Thanks. The other ones didn't because.. when you delete the link from the quicklaunch bar, it is then deleted from quicklaunch folder(s)... And when I tried making a shortcut to the desktop folder, the shortcut didn't take me to the desktop; but to the folder. =\

    Thanks everyone!

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    The last solution worked for me as well. I'm sure the other ones would have, but Phish made his so easy
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