Have you ever thought about make a book? Maybe like "How To book" or what about the old logo "Hackers know the weakness in your system, Shouldn't you." Just a thought.
Actually, yes.

I am working on it now. I am attempting to write a longer book version of the Computer Security 101 series. The intent will still be to provide a novice, specifically a home user, with the basic concepts of how their computer works and interacts with the Internet and what the pitfalls are.

I consider it somewhat of a crusade to try and get the home user market to take on more responsibility when it comes to this Internet community we all share. You don't have to be a "guru" to perform the basic acts of keeping your system patched and running current antivirus software or whatever.

If anyone has any specific points or ideas they feel should be driven home to this market in a book like this I would be interested in the feedback. You can PM me or email me at netsecurity.guide@about.com.

The trick is in the marketing. Home users don't even know that they're ignorant of the security issues. They don't know what they don't know so they aren't going to walk back to the computer section at Borders and peruse the titles looking through various CISSP study guides until they find the book they're looking for. The fact is- they won't look for it.

So, it is part of my goal to find alternative methods of marketing that will put the book in front of the home user market. They can't buy it and learn from it if they aren't aware that it exists.