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Thread: VeriSign service

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    Question VeriSign service

    Hey Guys,

    Tell me what you all think about the new VeriSign service.

    The Internet services provider announced on Wednesday a new Fraud Protection Service that ties geographical information from its domain-registry database, managed by VeriSignís Network Solutions, to timing data from its credit-card ************* service. The technology, which the company has tested for the last 18 months on its own business, will identify transactions that have an unacceptable probability of being fraudulent.
    I am just thinking that this is a good thing but also it limits buyer mobility. Tell what you think.

    Full article Link

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    Mobility already weak

    Buyer mobility is already weak at VeriSign. However, I assume that this will indeed stop or help alleviate IP hijacking. Whatever you do, never change your email address. It takes a week to prove who you are, expecially to move a DNS server.
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    I think it's a great way to get customer demographics, too. I'm wondering why no privacy watchdog groups have jumped all over this, seems a blatant attempt to gain more marketing info. hehehe
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    not that it matters but i got really excited when i saw this post, my mom is a Venture Capitalist and one of her companies is VeriSign. If you guys have any questions about VeriSign, please email me at wdpballa1@aol.com and i might be able to answer them

    By the way, you mentioned above
    credit-card ************* service
    . The company that does this is called CyberCash and VeriSign recently bought it for this reason. Just a fun fact to know...
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