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Thread: FBI agents train to be 14-year-old girls

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    FBI agents train to be 14-year-old girls

    I thought this was pretty funny.....

    The FBI has recruited three girls to teach agents how to pose as teenagers on the internet.

    The 14-year-olds have been teaching agents how to communicate like young girls, by using written quizzes on celebrity gossip and clothing trends.

    The training is part of the FBI's Operation Innocent Image, which aims to track down paedophiles and child porn peddlers who prey on teenagers on the internet, according to the San Fransisco Chronicle

    Best friends, Karen, Mary and Kristin were recruited after one of their fathers - an agent involved in the paedophile investigations - watched her instant messaging a friend and couldn't understand what she was typing.

    Gary Bald, special agent in charge of the FBI's Baltimore office, said: "We can teach agents how to be careful and make sure they're following the law and how to arrest people.

    "But how to convince people they're a 13-year-old is something we need help on."

    The first time the girls gave a quiz, all the agents that took part failed.

    One agent insisted that he was right when he answered on a quiz that Justin Timberlake was more popular than Destiny's Child.

    Another was upset when the girls told the class that Led Zeppelin just wasn't cool. Appraising the agents' performance, Mary said: "They, like, don't know anything."
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    that is pretty funny but what does the current trends have anything to do with 14 year olds. I dont think people actually talk about this stuff online. Jason

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    14YOSROFL (14 YEAR OLD SISTER ROLLING ON FLOOR LAUGHING ) i think she found the joke much more funny then me...

    14-year old girls .....i think they do talk about Justin Timberalake and $h!7 .....

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    /me laughs at Memory lol.

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    The FBI is trying to trap pedophiles, thats why they need to "chat" like 14 year olds.

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    It's amazing what they get these guyz to do!
    Got ne more storiez? lol!

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    How does 14 year old giving quizzes to 20> year agents ever train them to think like one? I find it hard to believe.

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    Back in my "******* hat" days me and my friends used to do this. We never arrested anyone we just posed as 13 year old lesbos and formatted all the 48 year old dudes that tried ****.

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    ahhhh gore those were the days
    we had a complete group who used to do this - we had social engineers who attempted to make contact with the sickos in the chatrooms and get as much info as they could. The profilers who would try and find out as much about the system being run...then the front force who would develop the proggies (or as was in the case d/l them lol) and they would pass them on to the social engineers who would get them on the 'victims' machines - was very organised


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    THere is one duch guy that went to the US couse he thought he was invited by a 14 year old..
    it turned out to be a FBI agent..

    lemme find a link to that..

    ah there ya go.. well it's in dutch..

    Menno was framed, the 14-year-old girl turned out to be a 50-year-old FBI agent that arrested him the moment Menno got off his plane.

    Psychological tests concluded that Menno is anything but a pedophile, which in combination with the massive support from friends and family as well as an official complaint from the Dutch government (entrapment is illegal in The Netherlands) resulted in Menno's earlier release.
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