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Thread: Internal modem

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    Internal modem

    I am having Red Hat 7.3 installed on my machine, I am not able to configure.I am having DAX modem, but unable to find its
    driver. Can u help me please.


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    Originally posted here by Jtkiefer
    A: get a more recent version of Redhat (more likely to have the needed drivers)
    RedHat 7.3 is probably the best release.
    It will have support for most, if not all of your h/w.

    Chances are, the modem you're using is a winmodem which wont work with *nix.

    My suggestions are to find out what chipset the modem uses and do a search for the driver HERE

    Alternatively go out and buy yourself a h/w modem (external), you'll have absolutely no problems with that and they're pretty cheap now too!

    PS You should really search the forums before asking a question as this topic has been covered MANY times before.



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