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Thread: Popups from hell

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    Popups from hell

    Ok here's the deal. Everytime i get on my computer i keep getting these popups. I have downloaded every popup stopper i can think of and i keep getting them. Although they dont look like normal web popups. Just a grey box with the blue bar at the top with a message and a OK button. Anyone know how to stop this? Ive even got a pop up after a complete format of my drive as soon as i got into the OS.

    OS:win 2k

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    Are you connected to the internet while this happens ?
    What do the pop-ups say ? Are they offering you free exams ?.
    If so it is probably messenger spam. (not to be confused with windows messenger or msn messenger)
    To rid yourself of this go to a run box (from the start menu) and type 'services.msc'(without the quotes).
    You will be put into a screen with all the services available on your computer.
    Highlight the 'messenger' service and press the stop button.
    Next right click the messenger service and choose properties.
    Now set the start up type to 'manual' or 'disabled'. That should get rid of them nasty little ads.

    If it is something else please provide some more info on the pop ups (like what they say andso)


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    I am connected to the internet when it happens. But this happens before i even open a ie or netscape window. The ad's are usually offering me some popup stopper that dosent stop the window i want to stop poppin up.

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    Do the pop-ups look like 'normal' windows messages.
    If this is the case then follow my previous suggestion and disable messenger service. That should stop it.

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    Yeah kinda looks like a message window that windows would give me. if i was smart and at my home computer i could do a screen shot to give you idea what it looks like.

    Thanks for the help guys ill give yall suggestions a try when i get home.

    Is there a downside to disableing windows messanger service?

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    Also download the new IE...It is not directly from microsoft but its good
    it does include a firewall....It works really well
    whenever is use IE2 i have no pop-ups....so try that

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    Sounds like your getting popups from the Windows Messenger Service. You only have to be connected to the internet for these things to hit you. A lot of people use it for spam. To rid youself of it do what noodle suggested.

    I believe what usually happens is they send these messages out to a broad range of IPS. I use to get them all the time till I stopped the messenger service.

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