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Thread: Proxy question.

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    Question Proxy question.

    You are trying to use a node of the CoDeeN CDN Network. While the Host header is generally optional for HTTP, it is required for CoDeeN. Furthermore, numerical hostnames are not allowed. Please add this header and try again.
    Often when i surf with my current proxy i get this message. Is there a way i can use a proxy and avoid running into this message. Not all sites give me this message, but more than just a handful.

    Any suggestions, or does this just come with the terroritory when using proxies?

    I'm using mozilla.

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    If I had to take a guess at it I would say your using a Anonymous proxy that doesn't send out all of the info that the website needs. Maybe for a security purpose. Therefore the Website does not know who you actually are and cannot let you log in.

    Try that one site www.freepublicproxies.com, or google on public proxies. See if swithcing to different type of proxy makes a difference.

    Hope I got it right.

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