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Thread: a couple crazy computer sites

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    a couple crazy computer sites

    here are a coouple of funnys i have run into first a highly excited and devoted *nix guy well worth a read . The url says it all http://www.unixsex.com/ (real computer pRon)

    if you have not figured it out by url having the word sex in it and the word pRon in the post , there is one genital picture on the site , it is out of context and not very recognizable. so don't worry unless you are very easily offended or like ahh 12 years old .
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    Ahhh lumpyporridge next time in post nudity try putting a disclaimer next to it. Remember some members look at this at work and I don't think you want them to go threw hell about having to tell there boss why. So remember that .

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    the comment under the piccture are the funny part ...rofl

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