Since some days ago MSN Messenger 6 Beta has been released, i looked through the forums and found nothing about it.

This new version is pretty good in its graphic interface and has really good improvements like:

- NEW GAMES; MSN has made a mess of games you can play with a friend, not all have been added, but play whats there so far! and you also can still play PC games to your friends PC

- SMILIES; they have added more smiles to this new verson, some are animated PLUS creat your own smiles, animaged or not HAVE FUN!

- WEBCAM; now you don't need to download patched for MSN (like 5)

- BUDDY ICONS; you can download an icon from tyhe gallery or make your own (96x96 pixels)

- BACKGROUNDS; you can use the backgrounds msn has given, download new ones, OR MAKE YOUR OWN!

So if you are a MSN Messenger fan you can get it HERE