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    I have a dimension 2300 that i have modified a bit.

    1.8 Ghz Processor
    512 RAM (would have 768, but this motherboard only supports 512
    30 gig hard drive
    Nvidia GeForce 4_ 120Mb
    1 case fan, and 3 80mm fans.

    Unfortunatley i came up short on b'day money to build my own the way i wanted it.

    Luckily there's always that next student loan check coming in the mail....due time.

    Sorry about the glare on this pic guy's, it's the best i could do. This room of mine has no light at all.


    Don't feel bad guys, i spray painted mine too.... with Dollar General spray paint. I don't see what the big deal is though, black is black. Hehehe.

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    okay i gotta change mine now. I justr finished canibalizing my uncles old computer for parts. He got a new one and told me i could gut the old one since i am the one who fixes his machines anyways.

    raedon 7500 video
    dvdrom unknown speed
    and all the rest mentioned before.

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    oh yeah...well...my ubah **** comp pwnz j00 all

    733 p3
    256 ram
    32mb gf2
    40gb or something hd (not defragged in over 2 years )
    32x cd rom and spereate 8x cd-rw
    standard microsoft keyboard with several keys taken off
    usb optical mouse
    17 in crt viewsonic

    takes 20 mins to boot, and 20 mins to shut off

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    I think that my PC is well off. I put it together myself. I was debating weither or not to post specs for a while now, but I might as well...

    * P3 - 800MHz (133MHz FSB)
    * RAM - 896MB (CL-3 running CL-2)
    * HDD - 20GB x 2 (IDE) & 120GB USB2.0 HDD (Using 30GB, recently deleted 20GB of old stuff)
    * Video - NVidia GF-3 TI-200 (64MB RAM) - Running @ 250MHz instead of 175
    * Monitor - I-O Data LCD (1024x768) - LCD uses MUCH less electricty than CRT
    * CD/DVD - 1) Smart and Friendly 24x6x4 - 2) Toshiba DVD/CD Combo 40x32x24x6?
    * Floppy/Tape - 1 floppy drive, and 1x 420MB TAPE DRIVE (it was Cheap!)
    * Sound - Bay Mounted Speaker Set (Cheap quality, half the parts broke during install) and a LEFT Head phone (I broke it)
    * Lots of USB card readers and parts and Palm IIIex? (Workpad)

    Also, 4 fans... 1 HDD mounted cooler, 2 - 80mm fans, 1 - 60mm CPU fan
    Temps are 35c for CPU and up to 40c for system. Air here is hot with no Air Conditioner. Used to have HDD problems, but those are fixed now.


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    Dec 2001
    p1 166mmx
    128MB of ram
    8GB HD
    Matrox Mystique
    Voodoo 2
    5x DVD
    24x 10x 40 CD-RW

    Sadly enough, this page is lagging me computer at the very moment because of the blinking dates... Haha...
    -[h3llbringer] is back, again.
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    I'll get a picture on here soon, but for now here's the specs:

    Celeron 2.0Ghz running at 2.4Ghz
    VIA P4XFA mobo
    Geforce FX 5600 Ultra 256mb
    768mb DDR 266mhz
    40GB 5,400rpm seagate hdd
    16x DVD
    8x4x32 CD-RW (I know... It's slow and old, but it works so i'm happy)
    10/100mbps network card
    128kbps ISDN digital external modem
    2x 1.44mb floppy drives
    PCI slot cooler
    Virgo Tsunami case

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    amd athalon xp 2200
    abit kd-7 raid
    i gig of pc2700 ddr 333 Mhz ram
    radeon 9000 pro
    soundblaster audigy
    2 80 gig 7200 rpm WD Hds raided 0
    Volcano fan for cpu need the cooling
    no overclocking pretty much stock
    the normal cd burner 4x8x32
    and a 7 yr old floppy drive ha

    nobelese case 4 case fans 1 slot
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    Heheh I should check this forum out more. So I just randomly came across it and will post two pic of my system. Anyway I've done a little modding to my computer, check it out:

    Brief description of my system configuration: I'm currently running Windows XP Pro (build 2600) with all updates except for Service Pack 1, on an MSI Ultra 2 motherboard, with an AMD 1700+ XP Processor (overclocked to a 2600+), 512MB of Kingston PC2700 RAM, a Visiontek GeForce 4 Ti 4200 with 128 of DDR memory, a LG 52x CD-ROM drive, a LITE 24x/10x/48x CDRW, a Seagate ST340823A hard drive (Primary), and a Seagate ST380021A hard drive (Secondary).

    Cooling: I have a Koolance PC2-C Midtower case that is cooling my processor, chipset, and video chipset.

    Peripherals: Connected to my NVIDIA graphics card I have the I-O Display System's 3D Stereo Gaming Glasses, and for USB devices I have a Logitec Force Feedback mouse, a Gravis GamePad Pro, a Gravis Eliminator Aftershock, and an Interact Raider Advanced FX. Also I have a Dell Axim X5 connected to my system via a front mount USB cable. Altec Lansing Gaming 251 6 channel speakers.

    Mods: 2 blue LED lit fans to show air intake for the radator, and 2 red LED lit fans to show air exhaust for radator and case, a 12 inch catho tub (6 inches red, and 6 inches blue), 4 radation symbol laser cut grills (2 blue and 2 red), almost full side door window with molding, inside and top Koolance fan enclosure painted chrome, outside except front painted black. Plus to go with the lighting a USB LED blue lit keyboard (I forget the name off the top of my head)

    And I have other pics of it too... hehe incase anyone wants to see some of the other crazy stuff up close.
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    CPU - AMD Athlon XP 2400+ Overclocked to 2.7Ghz
    RAM - 1GB 400Mhz DDR
    Motherboard - Abit KD7-S
    Video Card - 8x AGP GeForce4 TI4200 128MB
    Sound Card - Realtek Onboard w/5.1 surround sound
    NIC - Onboard 10/100, and Intel Gigabit NIC
    Hard Drive - 2 80GB on SATA RAID
    16x DVD-ROM
    40x12x48x CD-RW
    Iomega 250MB ZIP Drive

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