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    The whole "make you feel powerful thing" is exactly what my original post was about... as for the make it run faster.. if you are running a server off your home computer, on a home network connection it isn't going to be the machine speed that slows you down.. you are going to be limited by the network connection.. so the only time the speed difference would even appear would be on local network operations and even then it prolly wouldn't be noticeable..
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    Originally posted here by HTRegz
    run two or three vmware operating systems at a time.. and at the same time keep up a server.. I see no need for anything with rediculous power. unless you are going to put it to real use.
    3 vmware at a time with that kind of system? You are lacking a little bit of ram. Man, that must be slow! Do you ever get to do any development et all? You must be sitting around waiting for you box to respond!

    Actually, my development box is quite similar to yours. P3 800-something mhz dual processor, 512MB ram. I had never used vmware before, but I needed it to test some web-services. So I installed it and used MS Adv server to run MS Biztalk on 3 vmwares. That didn't work.

    Had to upgrade to 1024 mhz of ram - still _very_ slow. Guess I would have been better off with a monster box.

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    It's all a matter of streamlining your system..... if you get rid of all non-essentials while doing your devel and everything else..

    As for ram.. that's tons.. the 3 VMs that I have and run are DOS 6.22, Mandrake 8.1 and OpenBSD..

    DOS get's 16MB Ram and Mandrake/OpenBSD each get 64MB..... the rest is for my host OS... Yer entire problem with running so slow was too many MS products.. I refuse to run more than one Windows OS at a time.. because that slows the ***** out of it...

    If you were still running very slow.. then yer problems must have been somewhere else.. prolly in the multi-MS products...... hell Explorer.exe alone usually uses up more ram than my VMs..
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    Time to explain I guess.... You all have systems that have more power that you ever need... more useless sh*t than you'd ever need "LCD Lights", Water Cooling, PS in excess of 350W.. useless useless stuff... It's a shame to see people thinking they require more power and more speed and then never using the stuff....
    I am a computer gamer. I build computers for a hobby. I like the glow from the LCD lights. My water cooling is for the overclocking my CPU. This computer I built from the grow up (like what you said). Why do I put all this $hit I don't need, is for the gaming/Beating my friends at work (CompUSA) with benchmarks. I know my hobby is stupid but I like it. I enjoy get my parts in the mail/and get free parts. That's just me .

    BTW HT "LCD Lights",/ "LCD Light," HA!! took me 20 mins. to find a little mistake . Got ya. Heheh.

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    Thats about the same thing for me also. I play a lot of games and like to beat my friends with a higher benchmark score.

    Yes it might be wasting money and what not but its kinda a cool thing to do in my spare time.

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    I custom built my computer.

    I have a brand new Antec case with ... oh, that one my wife took.

    I have a server tower case with ... that one my eldest son took.

    I have a mini tower with ... my youngest son has that one.

    I have an old full size horizontal i286 AT case, upgraded five times to .... my daughter moved back in with her husband, they took that one ( and wiped the dual boot )

    I've got it! I have a 386 baby AT case, upgraded twice to a whopping Pentium 233 with 256M memory.

    I think I'm doing something wrong!
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    my rig ;)

    just recently upgraded, to water cooling, not showin in picture, this comp has been pretty good to me, benched a 13340 in 3mark2001se after adding GF4 vid card and water cooling. not to shabby, i did a decent job on the paint, but it needs a touch up, so thats my next task

    -inqin q 500 mod custom black/red with red neon light kit
    -350watt enermax power supply
    -MSI K7T266a 266 FSB DDR w/ VIA ac97 sound
    -AMD athlon XP 1900+ 1600mhz overclocked to 2200mhz - watercooled
    -512MB crucial ECC registed DDR PC2100 RAM
    -NVidia Geforce 4 TI4600 128 DDR MB 3d graphics card
    -10/100 D-Link ethernet adapter
    -40 GB western digital 7200 Rpm ATA 100 Hardrive
    -10/12x pioneer DVD-ROM
    -12/10/32 plexwriter CD-RW
    -DigiDOc 5 fan and temp control unit
    -Black Rounded ATA 100 cables
    -3 80mm fans @ 2400rmps
    -2 HDD mobile cooling racks ATA 100
    -Running win XP pro
    -microsoft internet 102/103 keyboard programmable
    -microsoft internet intellimouse
    -proview 17in LCD flat panel monitor 400:1 contrast ratio
    -5.1 ch surround sound speaker system 280 watts total

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    I'd say you have a big enough fan on your video card alpha.

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    Wow, everybody has these superfast computers, my pc:
    Intel Celeron 413MHZ (OC'd)
    64MB RAM (my mobo allows me to install a total of 256MB)
    ATI 3D RAGE PRO 8MB video card
    4GB Maxtor 7200rpm HD
    32 KB primary cache, 128KB secondary cache
    Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard
    Vobis MS1770P monitor
    Win98 installed
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    okay here we go.... the mean machine itself
    comodore 64 5.25"fdd
    300bps modem
    8" monochrome monitor
    almost forgot the ever important tape drive

    Seriously though
    1.3ghz AMD duron
    256mb ram
    20gb western digital hdd
    52x cd rom 48x16x48x cdrw
    onboard shared memory video processor ( i agree with ht i dont need anything fancy for a little quake2)
    oh yea nad my ub3r 1337 17" wallmart special flat screen monitor.
    Home built system i will never buy another pre built machine for as long as i live

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