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    here is a good link to what you can do with wlan:

    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    If you want slow, unsecure transmissions, go wirewless.
    If you want fast, secure transmissions, go wired.

    Although it might seem like a good idea to not have wires, you still plug in your laptopto charge it up, and unless you have a centrino chip, you will get less than an hour of online time without being connected to a power outlet anyway. It's easier to just buy an extra piece of cat-5 and string it out onto an outside deck, or the bathroom, or where ever else you want to have it, than to go wireless.

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    Although wireless is still not the most secure carier around, there are severall things you can do to increase security.

    - Don't send SSID

    - If you can't use LEAP for auth and encryption, go for TKIP. TKIP will replace the WEP security technology in 802.11i, and in the future I think TKIP will be replaced by AES encryption on the hardware level.

    - Lower the footprint, this will weaken the signal outside the building


    Besides all of this, wireless is a danger to any network (wired and wireless), any attack on a network can be done by placing a wireless device on that network. Also employees that want to make their life easy can buy such a device for a few bugs and put it on the desk.

    Smaller companies (with a few offices worldwide) can wardrive around and in the office to make sure no rogue wireless devices are active. Large companies with offices around the world can scan the (wired) network to see if such devices are connected, but it is difficult to get 100% proof. Tools like nmap, netcat, hping can help out here.


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    Interesting article. I think that people with wireless nets at a business is dangerous.The open radio waves; all the hings you can do to bandwith and systems. These are inevitably open to nefarious people, ie the article. This is an interesting subject to explore.

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    one of the biggest problems that you have in a wired net work that wont (or cant ) offer there users wireless is that users have wireless in ther homes so they think that they know how to use it( one to run 'billy's' computer in his room , one box in the kittchen for mom, and one in dads office, opening the walls to put in cat5 is going to cost how much?!!!)

    so users that now want wireless in the work place will go to one of those big elect. stores and pick up an ap and plug it in to there imo, boom instant wireless in the office and instant security breach. what if i was a bad guy and sat in your parking lot with a laptop running some server software and an ap pluged in and got your card to associate to my ap, bang i got you login, your whole company is owned.

    wep?!wep?! hello 1-2 million pkts and use wep crack your owned, bang wep is flawed, big time. most people that have these $100 ap's dont turn it on anyway, all of the clients that we service that have had wireless only 2 (out of 30-40) have had any encryption at all.

    first if you carry sensitive data dont use one of the ap's that cost $100 from a superstore spend the $ and get one that will run more secure incriptions like LEAP, PEAP, IPSec and others that are comming out with 802.11i (?)( I thiks its i) cisco offers these starting about $500 per ap for the new 1100 also they are now offering an upgrade for the old aironet ios to cisco ios that can do some coller things and is more user friendly i recommend these.

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    I haven't been to the Happy Hacker site in a while because for the longest time, there wasn't anything new. LOoks like I should start heading back there again...

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