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    Windoes 2K Issue

    Windows Security Issues (OS)
    Hello Dudes....
    I am a newbie here......so dont know much bout rules....I have a real challengin issue right here....to discuss....

    Does anyone know how to bypass the group policy on Windoze 2K

    I am sick of windows and i am sick of Administrators....
    One thing i tried was to back up ma rigstry at command line and make possible changes like inserting new keys...etc. and then restoring it...from the command line...

    Does anyone have the solution...BlackHat..greenHAT...
    The reason behind all this stuff is that I a m sick of ma windows administrator..like he is always ciezing accounts...and I kinda bout to start a war against him....but all that halts me is .... RIGHTS.....modifying registry...I cannot install any of the tools....plus
    does anyone have a good idea for windoes NT sniffer...
    Do reply me back...

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    Firstly lose the 'lamer language" and speak properly so it doesn't take us an hour to decipher what you are trying to ask!

    Secondly the answer to your question is yes, I can help you.
    Go to www.donkboy.com and view the Informatin archives index and see "Bypassing locked down systems"
    it is a good site to learn from although the author does not cover ALL issues thouroughly. Overall...
    I like it.
    Thats my two cents worth so...

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