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Thread: Net Send

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    Net Send

    Hello ...... Does anyone know that how does when a message is sent using net send...from where did it get the information of the source....like are there any files or wot...when a message is sent to a destination...how the destination knows that this message is coming from the typical source.....i mean are there any databases of NICs or wot..
    plz do reply

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    The syntax of this command is:
    NET SEND {name | * | /DOMAIN[:name] | /USERS} message
    Sends messages to other users, computers, or messaging names 
    on the network. The Messenger service must be running to receive messages.
    You can send a message only to an name that is active on the network.
    If the message is sent to a username, that user must be logged on
    and running the Messenger service to receive the message.
    name                   Is the username, computername, or messaging name 
                           to send the message to. If the name is a 
                           computername that contains blank characters, 
                           enclose the alias in quotation marks (" "). 
    *                      Sends the message to all the names in your group. 
    /DOMAIN[:name]         Sends the message to all the names in the 
                           workstation domain. If name is specified, the 
                           message is sent to all the names in the specified 
                           domain or workgroup. 
    /USERS                 Sends the message to all users connected to 
                           the server.
    message                Is text to be sent as a message. 
    NET HELP command | MORE displays Help one screen at a time.
    taken from "net help send"
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    ommy could you clarify that question ??

    I mean, it's OK to use more then one line in a question..

    NET SEND * "Allways remember if the world didn't suck we'd all fall off"

    is allway's fun in a large corporate windows 2000 network..

    BTW as usual, I'm not responsible for your stupidity..
    And you won't be the first corporate drone fired for this kind-of-prank..
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
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    Originally posted here by the_JinX
    NET SEND * "Allways remember if the world didn't suck we'd all fall off"
    There are so many days where I have to beat myself over the head to stop myself from doin that. Well different line, but same thing.
    Every now and then, one of you won't annoy me.

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    Some more info (not included in the help):

    This works fine:
    C:\>net send hello
    The message was successfully sent to

    If the receiving systems has the messenger service turned off:

    C:\>net send hello
    An error occurred while sending a message to

    The message alias could not be found on the network.

    More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2273.

    A minor note, the server serice does not need to be running on the target machine.

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    i think ommy means how does a message get to the recipient !

    well net send is based on netbios which is a braodcast based protocol that is sent out onto the network and when the bic encounters it it looks at the packet to see if it contains the address info such as ip address or netbios name of the machine and if so it will keep it if not it will then send it on the network (in milliseconds of course) and as for the senders address it is too from the netbios name etc. there is also the hardware mac address that is supposedly unique to all nics.

    for more info look up netbios and broadcasts etc along with all the other protocols as you are a nebie.

    welcome and live well and love life

    before anyone berates me for not explaining the osi layer i was just brimming over the top of the process so as to not complicate things !
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    oh , and a

    net send * [] is for all PC in the domain
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    Heh, you can get a NetSpoof off cnet.com, just a trial, but it's interesting program...

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    im not sure i understand the question but ill give it a shot as well.

    the message service accepts messages from anyone. it waits. it dosn't "know" one is coming it just accepts it when it gets there. the information sent with the message contains the name of the sending machine (with the standard send utility) which is why a name appears as "message from"

    the number of machines that accept messages and their IP address change from moment to moment so a standing data base wouldn't be practical but the message service listens on port 137

    it seems spammers use multi-threaded devices and send their message out to an entire IP range. the reply is logged for the success rate but the device dosn't wait for it. it just keeps on sending...bastards

    hope this helped
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    heheh, i like the word bastards. lol

    just image when you're playing game, and someone "net send" , well, it's really "Baisez-le" , heheh, sorry guys. Coz "Net send hack" is the most annoyed method i've been experienced.
    it's nothing, just....F***
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