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Thread: Search Engine Utils

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    Search Engine Utils

    useful search engine utils.

    Google Search bar for IE. (useful for google fans, opens up a google page with your query)

    WebFerret (I personally like this one, opens up a separate program, metasearches for you)

    (Other utils – haven’t used them, but provided links for those who wanted to test them out. Please feel free to post in this thread about how well/poorly they worked for you)

    Groowe Search Toolbar
    All Search
    Geoffrey’s Search Center
    Arrow Search

    Search utility built into mozilla/netscape (for you mac and *nix users)

    Random Search engine tips (not a util, but useful in conjunction with any search engine or util)
    i\'m starting to think that i\'m bound to always be the first guy on the second page of the thread.

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    i like the Google search bar the most , since i like google the most

    google : never lets you down ....first google then ask us

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    one of the things I like most about the google toolbar is the option to highlight search terms (just like they appear highlighted in the cached pages. The best part is that you can highlight any page you're viewing, not just search results. I can load any page, type a word in the search bar (but not hit enter) and then click on highlight and print (in IE you have to have background printing on in order to see the highlint when printed). Very helpful for reviewing long documents!

    For those that do load the toolbar and elect for the advanced features (namely the distributed computing/folding), please read this thread: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hlight=folding and support the AO folding@home team rather than the google team. We would love the added processor power. :-)

    Other than that, happy Googling!!!
    Mike Reilly

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    I use google all the time, it is the only search engine I use.
    I have had no major problems and have installed the Google Toolbar in all of my browsers, on all of my machines.

    It works great.
    A thankyou is issued to google on my behalf for the great service and support all the way!

    As always;
    Thats my two cents worth so...

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    Yeah!! I agree with all of you. Google is the best seach engine ever! Some of my friends use other search engines. Sometimes, when we have research to do, i'll use Google and they would use some other engine. I'm always the first one to find what we're looking for! Thanks to Google!!

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    Hey Hey

    I use Daves Quick Search Deskbar... (Available here.)

    It is a great little program.. It attaches to your task bar and displays the time and date by default, which means you can hide the clock in the system tray. Right clicking displays a calendar which you can browse and even configure it so if you click on a date it'll open up some calendar website (default is yahoo.. which is fine since I have it) and let you modify calendar entries..

    It has several shortcuts but just to give you an example.. You can perform dictionary look-ups using dictionary.com and hrm.. another one.. can't remember which... You can access the php manual by typing php <term> the mysql manual by typing mys and term... It defaults to google.. so if you type in a term without any of the shortcuts it'll just search google for it. If you enter in a mathematical expression it'll solve it. It does conversions of all sorts, translations... You can bring up maps and do many other things with it. It currently has 269 functions (either website searches or direct functions.. one of which is rot13 encoding).. these 269 searches include 69 for various computer related website. It really is the ultimate swiss army knife for the internet.. you can even execute jS from the small box on your taskbar.. I'd highly recommend anyone that uses search engines or looks up a lot of stuff that they check it out.
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