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Thread: The Congo

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    The Congo

    Ok I am basically an isolationist (I am assuming most of you have figured that out by now) who feels we should take care of US business first and let the rest of the world deal with their own issues. Occasionally though something pops up in the world that makes me take note.

    If bush and his cronies are serious about taking on "the evil doers", and truly believe in those Christian ideals they spout, then why the hell are we not involved in the Cognizes civil war
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2661365.stm (this is just one article there are many more). This was something that I (like most westerners) was ignorant of, but after finding out I need to let others know/get the information out.

    We need a massive placement of troops in the Congo now (Us/UN/NATO doesn’t matter). For those who don't know what’s going on I say read the article (or others), what we are looking at is organized rape/genocide and organized cannibalism. They have markets set up that specialize in human meat (so they can gain "magical powers" by eating their enemies). They are eating each other not because of starvation but because they want to. If there is true evil in the world this is it.
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    Two words: diamond and coltan...

    It doesn't end with cannibalism... people there actually believe that raping a baby cures AIDS...

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    This is pretty sickening. However, if the U.S. were to get involved I can see the headlines across Europe/Australia/Canada and even the U.S.

    "No blood for diamonds!"

    The U.N. seems to be doing a bang up job here as well.

    Isn't the Internet wonderful? You can learn of atrocities in any country on th eplanet in mere moments, it almost brings tear to my eye.
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    European peaceforces

    To add to this. That whole regio is unstable since long. Remember the 1.000.000 deaths in the Ruanda / congo genocide during the ninties. There were United Nations troops overthere but they didn't had the right authority and the necessary arms to act. If they were properly armed thye could have stopped the violence. The same is now going to happen at the Iture regio in Eastern Congo. The Hema and Lendu militions (with very young childsoldiers who believe in primitif magic) are causing a masacre. Back in the '90s Belgium had elite troops in Congo / Ruanda (it's a former colony of Belgium, it became completly independent in the late '50s and early '60s), but some very bad individuals overthere gave the Belgian soldiers the guilt for the death of the president of Ruanda. The Belgians were not heavily armed cause they were there under UN command to help people out. Ten Belgian elite soldiers were killed. Or present prime minister was in that period in the opposition and he made it clear that it was unadvisable to have armed support in that regio in the future. I hope we will change our policy. The people in Congo mostly like the Belgian elite troops. They bring peace and stability and are well trained and armed to overrule the tribes. Now the French have taken the lead to stop the violence, I hope France can deploy her troops fast enough.


    The French (European) troops are almost at full strenght. Belgian C130's participate in transport. The French uppercommand gave the UPC troops 72 hours to leave Bunia and leave their weapons behind. The French set the rule that within 72 hours all weapons in the streets must be delivered to them, otherwise those who keep their arms will have to deal with them. It seems that the most important tribe leaders listen to the European (French) military power and deliver their weapons and leave Bunia (capital of Ituri regio in Congo).

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    Now at full strength this european power is clamoring for the aggressor US bent on world domination to get involved. though it seem, if i recall right, the last time the french got us to commit our troops... they pulled out and stuck us with viet nam. If it wasn't for the UK being involved there and also asking for our support, and the people there cheering at rumors of our involvment, i think we'd tell them to take a hike.
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