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Thread: Joke (ADULT)

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    Joke (ADULT)

    One day Tom and Tina are sitting down stairs with there parents. Tina 8 and Tom 5.
    When MOM looks at Dad and they both walk to the other room. But before they leave they say you two stay here. We will be right back. So five minutes goes by and Tina knowing what's going on leaves and then comes back and gets Tom. They go outside there parents room Tina slightly push's open the door. Tina says to Tom and this is the BITCH that tells us to not put stuff in our Mouth.

    One day a guy is sitting in Church when he hears a Pss. Looks around and doesn't see anything so he continues to pray. Pss Pss.
    So finally the man looks over to a both. There is a Preist there standing so the man goes over to the priest and says how may I help you Father.
    The Priest says "Oh my son I need a favor" uh" i HAVE FIVE MINUTES left on my shift and I really have to use the Bathroom could you please stay in the both for me for a sec.
    The guy says well uh father I don't know um I don't think I should so the priest says look I got to P my son look it is easy. Here on the Wall there is a list of things to say when someone comes in. PLEASE! my son I need help. So the guy says yeah sure.

    So no more than 2 mins in the both a guy comes in , Forgive me Father For I have sinned. The guy looks at the list how long has it been since your last Confession. One week father.
    So the guys says. Carry on. Father I have sinned I am currently cheating on my Wife.
    So the guy looks at the list and looks-up cheating and he sees Ten Hail Mary's.

    So the guy leaves.

    About a minute later another person comes in Forgive me Father for I have sinned.
    How long has it been since your last confession. Two weeks. My son what can I help you with
    Father I had pre-marital sex. So the guy looks at the list. And doesn't see pre-marital Sex.
    So he says hold on one second I need to think about the wait on this offense. So he slips out
    the back door and looks for the Priest. So he doesn't see him, but he sees and Alter Boy and goes up to the alter boy and says what does the Priest usually give for pre-marital Sex.

    The Alter boy replies 3 dollars and a Kit Kat.


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    cheap cheap :-p

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