p4 motherboards run p3 chips?
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Thread: p4 motherboards run p3 chips?

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    p4 motherboards run p3 chips?

    Wondering if a pentium 3 chip will run on a motherboard advertised as a p4 chip motherboard.

    thank you

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    Don't believe so. Different form factor IIRC.
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    MsMittens you are correct. There are a number of other reasons but the diffrent form factor is a main one. (diffrent Bios, diffrent bus speed, ect ect)
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    Yup...all of the above are correct....when you jump a generation you will usually find the total number of pins ont the CPU increase as well as the orientation of said pins. Head over to www.pricewatch.com and find yourself a nicely priced P4 m/b and CPU combo. Best prices ont the net, bar none!
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    Yeah all above is corrert and the fact that the ZIF (zero insertion force) socket will be the wrong size and will ovbiously have the incorrect number of pins. And I must be honest prices for P4 chips are ok really at the moment. Get yourself off to a computer fair.

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