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    Couple notes:
    It's pretty easy to disable single user mode on Apple hardware. Anyway, half the time that you might have time to get at single use mode, you probably also have time to just steal the damn box (as nihil pointed out).
    MacOSX is pretty new, there are a lot of undiscovered holes. It has the advantage of newness, which means there aren't really many click-n-run exploits, but as those of us who read bugtraq know, it's far from perfect. From a pure security standpoint, I'd give OpenBSD higher ratings than MacOSX. So, I guess, 2nd most secure laptop ever :-)

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    Re: open firmware bypassable

    Originally posted here by hard-mac
    unfortunately apple built in a way around the open firmware password. If you have physical access to the machine then all you have to do it add or remove some RAM and then zap the PRAM 3 times and presto instant access!!!!
    Just tradind the ram slots will do the same thing

    im 9 yr mac user and can hack command line through 10.2

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    Originally posted here by Nightfalls_Girl
    Mac sux..
    tho that is my oppinion..

    Most think this until they start using one. I hated the Switch commercials, especially about the one "switcher" who claimed to have over ten years with UNIX and computers. I started with my certs with MS, woke up to Linux, and am now loving my four year old Powerbook G3. Still love Linux, but I love OS X even more. Look for my Switch commercial to debut at this year's Superbowl

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    I will buy a macintosh when Kazaa lite comes otu for it along with soem other software I really like for PC's (like gaming).

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    Yo, if you want graphics heres what you want to do. Downlaod KaZaA Lite K++ Edition (sorry, has to be on a pc) and search for the program you want but dont want to spend money on. By searching around, you can ussually find all of the tools and pieces to be put togethor to be equivalent to the 500$ piece of software out on the shelf somewhere. Its not illegal, since all you are doing is sharing the spoftware.

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    Now I dont mean to be crude or anything, but somehow mac just seems TOO protected. I dont think its really so great because while everything is pretty well protected, it seems like regular windows using OS's have more freedom. You can load whatever program you really would like. With mac, everything has to have a mac version. Like AIM and such. Its just not as good on OS's such as the Apple Os9, you cannot transfer pictures through IM. I mean I love Imac and its systems, they are great compaired to the older versions of mac computers, but i still think freedom for everything lies in your standard microsoft computer, for things like Kazaa instead of Itunes, (No payments required) and less of a hassle. I dont know. Just my opinion, does anyone agree with me??

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    Hahah... I will buy a macintosh when it allows me to illegally download music from other people. And you don't need a mac for graphics because you can go out and download all the software and install it illegally on your computer. Great posts guys :/

    Oh yeah, and just because mac doesn't have kazaa, doesn't mean that there isn't file sharing. Limewire, acquisition, etc.

    You can also install yellowdoglinux and have access to any linux programs by simply rebuilding source RPMs. And then there is fink which has ports of most useful *nix programs to Darwin.

    R3Zelite> I use OSX. I transfer pictures over AIM/YahooIM/ICQ/IRC... I have never had a problem loading any programs on here. Of course you can't load windows programs on a mac unless you use VirtualPC or some other emulator. You say you can install any piece of software on your Windows machine that you want. Well, I have always wanted to be able to run BBEdit on windows. It is at http://www.barebones.com/products/bbedit/index.shtml When you get that installed on your windows machine, please send me a screen shot and tell me how you did it. Kazaa isn't a media player, its a p2p program, while ITunes is an mp3 player. You should compare ITunes to WinAMP instead. ITunes does allow you to purchace music from the music store, but the actual player is free. Oh yeah, and it has been ported to windows. I don't see any way that you have more "freedom" with windows. And OS9 just sucked azz compared to OSX.
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