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Thread: need links to free downlodable study material

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    need links to free downlodable study material

    hi folks .i m in need of some links to virtual or online library or resources.i need that to.prepare for my masters degree exams.my subject is computer science.help will be much appreciated

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    Here is a link to the University of Strathclyde, Computer Science material Yrs 1-5

    If you could be a little more specific in exactly what subject areas you are interested in, I may be able to help with links to other University material
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    Google (Located at www.google.com) ---> Subject You Are Studying (Specifically) ---> Material You Need

    You have to be a lil' more specific than Computer Science, what topic in that field of study do you need help in? I'm pretty sure that any question you have, will be answered by someone or by a past thread so post some more info on what you need. But if not, just follow the simple but yet quite challenging diagram above this paragraph.

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