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Thread: Feeling of being disapprove.

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    Feeling of being disapprove.


    So, if you're really Sec guru, no i mean just Sec admirer, follower, want to study about Sec, and have a complete clear point of view between Sec and Hack, how do you feel if you are misunderstood in AO as a hacker ? What you ask is Sec, but the response you get is !hacking!
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    if yopu want to know about security you need to ask the question from the Security point-of-view... like you dont ask "How do cracker bypass my firewall ?" instead you ask " How does my firewall stop crackers from getting into my computer " or something like that ...

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    Apart from asking, and wording your question correctly,as MemorY suggests this will ensure that others can understand what you are asking, and be able to help you better. Althogh there is lots of useful information and tutorial on this site, it is not the only security related site. Be prepared to Search for yourself, the answer is usually out there somewhere if you are prepared to take a little bit of time and look. Example of useful resources are College and University sites (computing dept's)
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    Thanks man.

    I 've remembered once i post a link site, advertising my ftp sites with full of ebooks (and it's really cool!!!). But i forgot to post the link. And i 've got , hix, series of bad mark (.
    Luckily a good guys told me, then i post the link + some "stuff" of mine -> got good mark again.

    Hehe, and i 'm still be called "Pain in the ass" when i've login
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