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Thread: <HTML>please help me with</HTML>

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    Question <HTML>please help me with</HTML>

    This is gonna sound real stupid.
    With a HTML creation (i dont know what u call a HTML creater...uhh... i guess its a HTML Programmer,or what??)
    I use the 'ol Notepad(its more of an achievement to me, to use Notepad ,rather
    than Frontpage or some STUPID HTML tool that takes all of the skill needed,out of HTML)

    and well i have 2 questions to ask you friendly ppl:

    1)-How do I get 2 sets of texts next to each other????
    -I know that if I use Frames it would work,but that would be sloppy design.
    -I know that if I use Collumns(and just make it seemless or borderless) it would also work.

    So you prob thinking " What is the damn problem then??!".
    Well how do i get the 2 sets of texts next to each other without using the above.
    I have tried every possible way to get the texts next to each other with using->
    <p align> <clear=> etc(only the basic stuff).


    xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxtextSET1xxx xxtextSET2xxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    in place of


    I hope this helps.

    can u help me,please?????

    2)-How do i hide my links target???

    Some websites,when you hold the pointer over the link, it displays(in the status bar)
    some name or text, and not the real target of the link.


    The REAL link target:"www.worldsex.com"(he he he)
    but the STATUS BAR displays:"click here to see an awesome sit"

    How can i do this??
    Do i need to learn PERL or smoething??

    Thank you for viewing this post-. even if you didn't read the whole thing(i dont blame ya)


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    Hey Hey

    as for Number 1.... use tables... don't look for another way to do it.. just do it in a table.. that's what they were designed for and that's the best way to do it...

    as for number 2.. you are looking for something like this

    <a href="www.worldsex.com" onMouseOver="window.status='click here to see an awesome site'; return true" onMouseOut="window.status=''">

    also just a note but this should be located in the web development forum not in GCC.
    IT Blog: .:Computer Defense:.
    PnCHd (Pronounced Pinched): Acronym - Point 'n Click Hacked. As in: "That website was pinched" or "The skiddie pinched my computer because I forgot to patch".

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    To get the text next to eachother like you pointed out I think the best way is to use tables.
    To get a complete description on how this works visit http://www.htmlhelp.com/reference/ht...les/table.html
    It is a bit hard in the beginning but if youi study it you will get it.
    To use the 'link hidding' I think the best way is to use javascript.
    I don't know this very well but perhaps someone else can shed some light on that.
    BTW http://www.htmlhelp.com/ is a great site for all HTML related things as well as http://www.w3.org/ (this one is more difficult in language imho).

    Hope this helps ya out a bit.

    I was writing this while HTRegz posted. Still hope it can help out.

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    no, Perl is only Serverside (that means it is run from the server) , while HTML and Javascript are Clientside (meaning they are run from the client)....

    Use the <table> tag...
        <td> Left Text </td> <td> Right Text </td>
    this link might help -> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&i...=HTML+Tutorial
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    ummmmmmm ok let me just recap on something here.....

    some STUPID HTML tool that takes all of the skill needed,out of HTML
    ok so web-builders are stupid and take all the skill out of webdesign? well i use dreamweaver MX and i work as a webdesigner....i can also write my own html code and quite often do but the likes of dreamweaver can speed the whole thing up a hell of alot....

    just please dont make the mistake of thinking you l337 cause you write all your own code in notepad - woohoo who cant write html these days?

    whats more important than being l337 is being smart - why take 3 hrs to do something in notepad that you can do in 20mins in dreamweaver that looks identical? think about it and then reconsider your last post

    by the way a quick answer to your post
    tables would def be best way

    • <table> - starts a new table
    • <tr> - starts a new row
    • <td> - starts a new column (cell)

    like so

    |________| <- a row
    | |
    | | 
    |_|  <- column 
    |___|___|   <- 2 cells ( ie 1 row & 2 columns )
    ok so not the best drawn example but you get the idea.....


    omg you can tell that i wrote this very early in morning....not only did i use [/blue] as a closing tag but i didn't even spot it till now >_<

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    Thank you for the help ppl,its much appreciated.(very good linkz indeed)

    Well ,vanhallen, what I mean is that some stupid idiot that knows nothing about computers, the net or even the basic knowledge needed(KNOWING THY COMPUTER BY KNOWING THYSELF) can jus open M$ Frontpage and walla a "PERFECT" site first time, no struggling with
    learning atleast the basic atributes, commands,etc.
    Then they go bragging about @ how good they are and blah blah blah blah..

    But for you my friend, you know this stuff and using a HTML-builder ,like you said,
    would only speed up time,but i am a person that is really ADDICTED to LEARNING(and weed)

    I guess if you can BUILD THE HTML VIA HTML-BUILDER,AND THEN BE ABLE TO OPEN IT IN NOTEPAD AND EDIT IT, there is absalutely nothing wrong with using HTML-Builders,
    because you have the knowledge that needed.

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    *Moved from GCC*

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    can jus open M$ Frontpage and walla a "PERFECT" site first time, no struggling with
    learning atleast the basic atributes, commands,etc.
    wouldn't agree with that - without being able to manipulate the code yourself and change it round a bit most peps can spot somthing that has been done in a wysiwyg builder straight away. Same as peps who use swish instead of flash any real flash user can spot the preset effects in swish a mile off

    I started off using wysiwyg (many many moons ago) but wanted to do more than they could accomplish so started writing my own html - but now i still find that a combination of the 2 is best and saves alot of time - but not in frontpage it generates way too much non-sense code


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    Guess your right.

    Could you please help me with another thing.
    Do you know where i can find gif creation Progz(I am busy checking out DOWNLOAD.com,so i oughta get this now now,but i hate shareware)??
    And where can i get GIFs without copryrights(I really dont feel like being SUED by M$??
    -NOT AGAIN anyways)
    and also WHAT SHOULD I GET TO CONVERT *.bmp TO *.jpg('cause bmp is too DAMN big)??

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    irfan viewer will do batch conversions for ya - look for my post in general chit chat 'free software review' for more info


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