I know this isnt in the right forum, but this is somewhat of an emergency. Neg away if you must. Its networking and it can be construed to deal with security

OS - Slackware9

Regular compatible ethernet card.

With a regular ethernet card, that is compatible with linux.. should i have any trouble clearing my netconfig and connecting to a t1 network at a college? I have been behind a NAT router with an assigned static internal address. I was also wondering if the before mentioned would cause problems if i dont setup dhcp to allow me to get a new ip from the T1 network, or if that even mattered. I have no clue how t1 networks work, as i have never read much about them or know much about their topology. I mean, i realise how easy it is in windows, but i was wondering if:

[a] there was anything special i need to do

[b] if Slack9 even works with t1?


[c] Anything else you need to tell me before i leave?

I will be gone to a university for 18 days, and i don't have a spare windowscd... So im stuck with linux if i want an OS, (which i would rather be stuck with linux anyday, as long as i have net access)

I need an answer before around 30 minutes from now. If you dont reply before then, dont worry about it. it is now 1:21 AM
I am in GMT -6

Ill give until 2 am, but i have to pack up this computer quickly, for i am leaving early on in the morning and this needs to go first.

(You can see that im kinda panicky but i forgot to think about it, im sure its compatible. But i couldnt go 18 days without net access to save my life.)

Thanks in advance for prompt replies. i will be bumping this for 30 minutes.