came across some of you may of seen.

isnt it funny in a way that although they are not secure the products still have to be used cos of Desktop monopoly ! (now thats what i call a smug feeling of power for MS and good luck to them for it.

Discussing the irony of MS Security not being trusted yet still being used.

Is everyone that MS biased or what ? I mean sure they have security holes and bugs etc but at the end of the day where would we be IT wise without them, i know some of you will say well we would use macs or linux but would they actaully be here without Microsft to push the market forward and make the industry what it is today ? I mean all Micorosft really are successful and every success is open to criticism whether they are perfect or not.

I dont for one minute think Microsft are perfect, i love all there apps and OS'es and i also love *nix so am not biased at all. I think MS do get some bad press and i have noticed in alot of the threads that MS are alsways getting berated sometimes i think from people just wanting to jump on the bandwagon.
Ok so they have a monopoly isnt that what successful business is all about, be the best wahts wrong with that. Ok they have flaws but so does everyone and everything.

i am sure this will kicksatrt some negative points and some heated discussions and general slagging OF mS but then so be it.

Does anyone feel the same, i mean does anyone agree that althought hey are not perfect they have alot to tank for and are not really that bad? are they ?