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Thread: Laptop or PC

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    Laptop or PC

    I'm considering buying my own computer after this summer rather than shareing with my family. I know they taught us in beavers to always share, but shareing blows.
    What I'm wondering is if i should get a nice little laptop or go for the PC. I don't need too much power, but enough to play music, movie, and games about as good as Starcraft. The problem is i'm cheap and want to spendf under $1000 CAN to get it. Any guru style advice would be sweet. Thanks.
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    Well, if you bought a laptop you would have mobility, and still be able to play movies, and music, and games.

    If you bought a desktop you would have a little more computer power, but you'd be stuck to having it in one place.

    So it just depends what you want. Do you want the ability to mess around on the computer in the car, airplane, airport, hotel, ect. or do you want a little bit more power and only have the computer at home?

    I think if it was me I'd probably go for the laptop since it would have enough power to play games, and music, and movies.

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    Well since I don't know what Starcraft is I can't really give you a power estimate but if I were and I only had $1000 CAN, I'd be all over a desktop. There is no way you can afford a good laptop for that kind of money, so I'd look into a DELL or HP, although I can't stand DELL I'd have to say for the money and power you're looking for they'd be your best bet.

    DELL Canda: http://www.dell.com/ca/en/gen/default.htm
    DELLL Canada Desktops: http://www.dell.com/ca/en/dhs/produc...n_desktops.htm

    Some are above $1000 but there a lot of powerful/nice ones for under... enjoy.

    Oh... if some how money falls upon you then I'd recommnend checking these out, highly over-priced powerful machines: http://alienware.com/ and http://www.alienware.com/gaming_main_desktop.aspx

    = Cheers, jag291 =

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    Well.. you want to spend $1000 CDN... you are looking at a desktop....... I'm currently purchasing bulk laptops for students in the program I'm in (Side Note: Anyone want a laptop..... in Canada shipping will be free... send me a pM)..... and with the specs i'm getting we're looking at about $2500.. with more purchases. the cost will drop.. but still that's dealer cost for a decent laptop... However I can get an equivalent PC for roughly $800 . Desktops have always been cheaper and always will be... so with the price range you are going with to get anything decent.. you'll have to go desktop.
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    Anyone want a laptop..... in Canada shipping will be free... send me a pM)
    DAMN!! I am moving to Cananda .

    I agree with HT GO for a destop, its cheaper. Why don't you build a computer? Oooo well just my opinion to throw in.

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    I agree with everyone else above... a desktop is the way to go if you are looking for a good deal. Laptops are expensive... and you are very limited to what you can upgrade.

    I have always thought that...

    Desktops are for power, upgradability and primary PCs.
    Laptops are for business folks and as secondary PCs... who have to work outside of the office or take frequent business trips.

    I have several desktop PCs and one laptop. My laptop rarely ever gets used... as I'm not out of the office all that much and I have desktops at school and work. The laptop is more convienet for meetings and presentations though.

    Almost anywhere you go, you can have access to a PC if you need it.

    Laptops are also more frequently stolen. It is more rare that a desktop is stolen... unless a house is broken into and the house is cleaned. Laptops are easy to spot, easy to lift and easy to sell.

    As for Starcraft... I don't think it takes much graphics power to run that game. But... laptops don't carry a huge punch when it comes to gaming. You can't upgrade your video card when you want to play that new game... you just can't play it.

    So... going with what you have described... a desktop is for you. Much less expensive, will play your games better along with the music, video and the like. You can also upgrade when you have extra $$ to drop in it.

    You can buy a nice no frills desktop PC and add to it. If you buy a no frills laptop... you are stuck with it.
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    Laptop or desktop....portability or power??

    Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

    Here is another alternative that blends desktop power and portability for the first time. Finish building this barebones and pair it up with an LCD monitor and you've got yourself a lightweight desktop that will fit in a backpack. The model I linked to actually appears to have a carrying handle buit into the case....sweet!

    [edit] Similar systems available from Shuttle and Soltek . [/edit]
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    Laptops are evil. Just go through these forums and count how many times
    someone is having terrible trouble trying to fix something on a laptop
    that would be a trivial issue on a real computer.

    You should only use a laptop where portability is absolutely mandatory,
    like for travelling salesmen, and then somebody else should pay for it.
    They cost more, go obsolete sooner, lose value faster, have batteries,
    (batteries are evil).

    Did I mention that laptops are evil?
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    Thanks for all the feed back on such a simple question. Desktop seems to be the consenous and i'm the planning on going that far very often so it does seem the obvious choice. As for making my own(I swear someone said that), I might try but for the fact that i'm worried I'll screw something up no matter how easy it is and I'm a little lazy too. Thanks again guys!
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    'Ishbar' just to add something. Screwing something up is all in the fun of building a computer. I don't believe there is anyone who got their PC built right the first time. If am wrong correct me guys... but building a computer is fun and you learn a lot. It also takes a lot of effort and patience but if you are willing you will get it done.

    Note: It's always cheaper to build it yourself.... Just imagine what you can put in there...

    Did I mention building PC's are fun, I think I did...

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