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    u can also use knoppix-std its free and u can download it at www.knoppix-std.org be for warned that it will take a big part of the day to dl the *.iso image even on a cable connection if u were refering to this program then pay no mind to this if u already hav it but if not then hav phun

    o thats right sorry this is only for linux oops dont mind this then
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    I've seen login systems for XP where you actually have to type in your username and password before you're allowed access to the machine but I'm not exactly sure how it's done.
    This setting can be switched on and off in the user menu under 'Change the ways users log on and off'. Also I don't understand why anybody would buy a second hand computer with Windows XP preinstalled by some stranger. And why wasn't the hard drive formated before being sold on?? I don't know about you people but I would never buy a preinstalled computer.

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    reset password

    Ok, I don't wanna know what you do with the system, but if you have physical access to the system, you should not use knoppix/l0pht. This can take forever. First of all, a default install of Windows XP has a blank Administrator password, so if try to log in as Administrator first. Second, the tool to use is http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/ which will allow you to reset any password you like.

    Oh yeah, l0pht crack was bought by @stake, which was bought by symantec. They have nothing to do with Winternals/sysinternals.

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