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Thread: A testament to patience

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    A testament to patience

    A few days back i was perusing the bsd forums and ran into a question by a very demanding and strange person .Someone at the forum linked to his other posts at another forum, so out of curiosity i checked them out (the guy is now banned from the forum). After seeing this fellows incredibly persistant and unforgiving postings, i decided wtf and googled his name and found this thread. http://miataru.computing.net/linux/w...rum/20455.html
    The thread has 170+ postings, mainly a fellow named Jon trying to help this guy set up Redhat . It is the incredibly patient against the incredibly impatient. This man named Jon is a credit to *nix users and humanity in general . What he will go through to help a complete stranger is amazing !
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    Wow... that guy had absolutely no clue WTF he was doing...

    My repsonse after the 10th post...
    "Go to your local book store and buy a book on linux. The Red Hat Bible will work wonders for noobies."

    I have tried to help people like this... people who don't want to learn for themselves.. but what to know everything.

    My response to people like that... RTFM.

    Thats how I had to learn...

    Kinda makes you feel bad for people like that... their intentions are good... they just don't have a clue.
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    I am trying to think of something remotely intelligent by way of comment to that lot, but instead , would'nt you just love to find out where the guy lived, and go round and shove his modem up his ass, as that is obviously where he is communicating from
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    Man I would have taken the first flight to that guy, and slapped him with a hardboard UNIX/Linux manual.

    LOL, no serious , I would have backed out too....
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    Nah use my fav tool for servicing the unserviceable.. also used to great effect in HL and CS matches.. The CROWBAR

    two lovly smushy noises from the back of the head.. problem eliminated.... ahhhhh Solved..

    Mind the guy trying to help him.. I'd give him all my AP's. he aught to be Sainted

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    If he was local, I'd tell him to bring the box and a keg over.

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