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    the Mob!


    NEW YORK -- There were no peasants waving torches or pitchforks in this crowd, no procession up a winding, eerie mountain road to flush out the monster who'd been terrorizing their town.

    The mob that gathered in Manhattan on Tuesday night was looking for something they referred to (without explanation) as a "Love Rug." Or at least that's what the couple of hundred people who gathered in Macy's department store told a bemused salesman, who may or may not have believed he was dealing with a commune of carpet-craving eccentrics.

    The crowd of people was participating in the Mob Project, an e-mail-driven experiment in organizing groups of people who suddenly materialize in public places, interact with others according to a loose script and then dissipate just as suddenly as they appeared.

    "Everyone loves a mindless mob!" said Merilyn Synder. "I was so stoked when I got my invitation -- no action, no protest, no needing to review my political stance on a particular issue. Just be there or be square."

    The e-mail invite instructed participants to synchronize their watches and be waiting at 7 p.m. in one of four specified bars at a particular spot (for example, near the framed prints of the elephant and the leopard in the midtown Holiday Inn's bar).

    That evening, mob representatives sporting stylish headgear appeared in the bars and passed out slips of paper containing information on where the mob was to convene and what to do once they got there.

    About 200 people then proceeded to Macy's. They rode the escalators to the ninth floor rug department, where they gathered around a large carpet on display.

    "We were told to say we all lived together in a big old warehouse in the suburbs," said Jenni Valton, a participant. "We all explained to the salesman that we were looking for a love rug to play on, and that we only make purchases as a group."

    After discussing the merits and drawbacks of the selected carpet for 10 minutes, the mob dispersed.

    …It's hardly even an idea at all: a mob, for no reason. That's it


    Would you show up if you got the Email?
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    Probably not for a "love rug" no, but it sounds kinda fun. No harm done, just some general silliness. Seems like a good way to meet people too.
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