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Thread: remove run command

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    remove run command

    Hello guys,
    1- How I can remove run command box from start menu.
    2- Can anyone tell why desktop foder is appeared on starting the system, I think there will be a path in registry.


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    1) I'm pretty sure that Tweak UI or some other third-party mod kit can remove this.
    2) I don't understand your question?!

    = Cheers, jag291 =

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    1) What jaguar291 said or edit the registry by hand.

    2) No idea what you talking about.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    1> answered

    2> check your startup folder and see if its in there. If not.. then you need to run msconfig, and check the diferent files to see if any of them say to open the desktop folder on startup.
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    Removing run box...

    if you are brave enough, you can try registry editing yourself... first fire up your fav registry editor, then go to this key


    then find NoRun value, if it is there then double click it... toggle it off ( it takes only 0 or 1 value)... in your case you want it to be 1. If you can't find the NoRun value, then create one, create new DWord value, named it NoRun, then put 1 as its value data...

    Second question...

    do you mean that your desktop folder is opened during startup like you have just double clicked it in the explorer?... if it is the case, then maybe there is a command in you startup that tells explorer to launch it... hmmm... try rephrase your question...

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    The easiest way to remove the run command along with several other options if your running Win XP pro or win 2000 I think. Go to run-->type gpedit.msc the click on either user configuration or local security policy--> then click on administrative templates.

    From there you should see a lot of options for disabling or not showing certain items.
    YOu can disable the task manager, run, control panel, dispaly properties ect.

    If you don't have XP or 2000 then you will proably need third party software or need to edit the registry.

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    To disable the Desktop folder from automaticly opening up you should check your startup folder. ("C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" on Win2K).
    If you find nothing here you might also want to check the following registry keys
    for keys that do not belong there.
    NOTE: editing the registry can be dangerous. Create backups of your registry just in case something goes wrong.

    This could be a backlash from some sort of virus you have had, I have seen that behaviour before but I cannot remeber what the virus' name was.
    Update your virus definitions and run a complete scan on your computer to be sure,

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    First I'd like to reinforce what Noodle said: MAKE BACKUPS!! Editing the registry can be dangerous....ya I crashed my comptuer. So um, now that that's done... It's possible to create a shortcut to something like a folder and tell it to execute every time you boot up. Now what's really fun is to create a shortcut that automatically executes after boot that makes the comptuer restart Beware, this will seriously piss someone off but it's the funniest thing in the world bc every time they turn on the computer, it keeps restarting I ticked off my roomate pretty badly last semester.....

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    If you are using Windows 2000
    1. Edit Group Policy
    2. User Configuration
    3. Administrative Templates
    4. Start Menu & Taskbar
    5. Remove Run menu from Start Menu
    6. Enabled
    I hope this will help

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