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    hi all ,
    Ok the thing is i was working in my system listinig to songs,

    suddenly everything stopped ,

    i thought it was some kind of flux so the power is lost, but my UPs was still on,

    The SMPS fan stopped working

    I think i have lost my SMPS

    Could there be anyother problem

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    ok why is this in the Opps! a Bug ! forum ...this is for posting antionline bugs....and please be specific ...what OS ...box ?..and so on...

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    **Thread moved from Oops! to General Chit Chat**
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    You need either a Volt meter or another PSU.. Preferably the Volt meter and go to these pages

    1/ http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=244191 read the whole thread.. there is info right through..
    2/ http://modtown.co.uk/mt/article2.php?id=psumod (this one wasn't working when tested 5 mins ago.. this will give you a visual guide to testing the psu with the mobo out of the loop..
    3/ http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=244225 this is to be read before posting back.. for more info

    Also if you manage to get going PLEASE post back and let us know..

    BTW if the Modtown link isn't working I do have the images (not sure of the Text), here some where.. So let us know (PM me if you like.. I will answer... some time this decade)

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