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Thread: network monitoring

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    network monitoring

    I am a AntiOnline Newbie..

    1. I want to monitor all the users of my network and can i plot the graph for individual users for how much bandwidth they are using and howlong. ( Even if i can plot for HTTP or FTP then that is enough for me )
    2.I tried using many softwares like ( solarwinds,network probe,trafficmax ) ... But i am not satisfied with anything.
    plz suggest me some software for this or a way to use the existing softwares.

    3. All the time traffic in our network is full. but i dont want to block HTTP. I want to keep a track on individual users on how much bandwidth they are using .

    when i use solarwinds, it gives the bandwidth in LAN ( including netbios and all the keep alive packets ).

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    I don't think this is easy to accomplish.

    But how about this solution:
    Setup a proxy server (with authentication) and force all your users to connect through it.
    That way you can easely monitor what and how much they use the Internet.

    Another way is to use a packetshaper but this can get expensive pretty quickly. I don't know if there are any free (cheap) tools out there that can do the same.
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    First off, I'd ask how your network is set up. Are your users connected through a switch or hub, what firewall are you using, etc. Maybe you have done this already, but the first place I'd check for monitoring is your firewall setup. It may have some fairly detailed reporting functions that you can utilize, some that may produce graphs and such as you are requesting. For example, the firewall on the network that I administer does an excellent job of reporting, producing HTML pages full of colored graphs and such. I have the ability to view all kinds of traffic (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.).

    You could also look at reporting software such as WebTrends, available at: http://www.netiq.com/webtrends/default.asp
    I believe that you can download an evaluation copy and use the software for a certain amount of time to see if it is what you are needing. I evaluated WebTrends some time ago - ended up not purchasing it, but from what I remember, it had some very detailed reporting options that it could do.

    Hope this is a start for you...
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    I use MRTG to monitor bandwidth utilization from every device on my network. It gathers the info via SNMP from each device and graphs the interface (NIC) utilization. This allows me to do things like search for strange traffic to the Internet, monitor uptimes etc.. I also use MRTG to monitor CPU usage and TEMP on servers and I can graph active users on my local directors.
    Setting up MRTG is not trivial but I have been very happy with the results.

    An overview can be seen at www.mrtg.org

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    check "netcontroller" or "blackeye" programs ..

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    if you want a long winded way to do exactly what you require without using other software then run perfmon on local mchines exporting to log files then wekkly or something collate the log files into excel and create a graph ?

    long winded i know but i am not sure of any specific software to do the exact requirements.

    soryy if this is no help.
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    If you want to control internet access, I use surfcontrol (www.surfcontrol.com) You just put it on a box and hang it off the network. There is a free trial so you can test it. That gives bandwidth graphs , site breakdown graphs, type of sites, like gaming, gambling, adult etc. and even a cost, if someone is making 30 and hour and spending 4 hours on a gaming site then that can be broken into a loss chart. It's very nice and after a few visits from admins, people stop it. You can also choose to block sites by catagory or IP or url or type etc. In addition you can have access lists that bypass the sites. Like for CEO and us network people. There is an option I purchase to subscribe to category lists. Where the company catgorizes billions of sites into around 16 catagories. I block ALL access to hacking sites, adult sites, racists sites, etc. Don't wantthose pesky wanna be user admin types getting there hands on an Excel password cracker do we? Block them.

    BE Warned, you will have some problems with people after you install this software. Meaning you will find some things you may not like, so MAKE SURE users are aware of your intentions and that you communicate what is going on. Then make sure you have some written policy on how to handle people who just won't stop going to everypornsite.com every chance they get . I chose a less active approach and just started blocking the sites. After I started running a warning banner at each log in for a month, before actually starting the log process. I wasn't out to "get" people and I still aren't. Just want to free up some bandwidth.
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    Ive used the Websense EIM reporting tool which worked really well. It gave real time graphs with much of the information you would want. You could also run the websense enterprise tool to filter unwanted visiting websites (porn).

    The other recommendation would be to purchase a cache engine. Cisco makes a decent cache engine. The Cache Engine 500.

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