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Thread: AHH, MAC question here

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    AHH, MAC question here

    hey, I'm trying to find the command/terminal for a MAC G3, anyone here know howto get to it? thx^^

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    are you running MAC OS X?

    I think it's called Terminal, you should be able to find it in Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal?

    But i could be wrong, i haven't beeen on a Mac in a while.
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    heh, sorry forgot OS of mac, I'll check and find.

    ok, it's MAC 8.1 Version 777 V.1....... I'm not too good with MAC's, but Need to ping another computer... any help is taken ^^

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    **Thread moved from Misc Security to General Chit Chat. Dup thread deleted**

    Note: Macintosh didn't become "unixy" until OS X (OS Ten). Anything prior to that does NOT have a unix terminal. Go to Tucows and look for network tools under their Macintosh networking section. You may have some difficulty given how old the OS (might try to bring it up to OS 8.6 or 9.2)
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