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Thread: Fizzer worm

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    Post Fizzer worm

    new internet worm is reported to be itw.when executed , it will first attempt to decrypt and uncompress . it avoids running multiple instances of itself by creating a mutex called "sprakyprogram" already exists in the system . it drop in the window directory spreading it self in file sharing and e-mail it also has a backdoor that accept commands form remote locations and gives that person full access to your computer.

    if you need more infor on the worm e-mail me

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    Wrong forum dude. This is for bugs on the site. Not viri/worms/trojans.
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    **Thread moved from Oops! to Antivirus Discussions**
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    Why not just post a link to more information? Why should I email you?
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    I was going to ask the same thing. Instead of wasting time with e-mailing for info I went to the almighty Google:


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    Oh GOd this is the worst virus ever!!!!

    Isn't this one of the million canned virus hoxes we see every month???

    Popeye, this has several characteristics that are consistance with mass email hoaxes that attempt to get/or verify your email address. Some even carry virus payloads themselves. I assume you got this in an email message from a friend. What was the original email header?

    Fizzer has been around for a while and was down graded to medium in May by McAfee. I forgot to post that in my last mesage but the wording in the content and the person asking for an email address is suspicious of hoaxes.
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