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Thread: Filters win in supreme court

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    Filters win in supreme court

    The US supreme court has allowed the gov't to withold federal
    grant money from public libraries that refuse to install porn filters
    on publicly accessible computers.

    The ruling by Chief Justice William Rehnquist pointed out that since libraries have traditionally excluded pornography from their collections, Congress could "reasonably impose a parallel limitation on its Internet assistance programs."

    The ruling also says that librarians can easily disable the software filter at request, so the filter doesn't unnecessarily limit an adult's access.

    I've always felt that those who pay the bills should have final say.
    So what's so bad about the library putting a filter on their machines?
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    the only problem i have with it is that the federal government is imposing censorship when standards like these should be a community decision. they may be paying the bill buts its our money their doing it with and i dont remember supporting this decision. im not against filters on public computers, in fact its a good idea i just don't think its a function of federal government in fact its downright wrong that they can censor anything at all. i see it as a possible precident to allow even broader censorship.
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