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Thread: More P2P BS from DC....

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    More P2P BS from DC....

    It seems that our esteemed lawmakers in Washington are entertaining legislation that would involve the FBI in the enforcement of copyright law infringment via P2P networks. You can read the entire story here. Given the fact that the FBI ALWAYS has a "ten most wanted" list that has never been completely cleared, they are investigating the numerous terrorist cells operating within the US, not to mention their longstanding efforts to obliterate the mafia (haven't finished that one up yet either), it seems to me that they already have too much on their plate to deal with. Now congress wants to turn them into "enforcers" for corporate America on top of their regular duties.

    Am I the only person who thinks this is....WRONG???

    If the RIAA and MPAA want a "police force" then let THEM fund it...those are MY tax dollars too and I object to them being used to protect a couple of old dinosaurs that have outlived their usefulness.
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    Hoorah! Couldn't friggin agree with you more, big guy.

    Those two organizations have way too much pull in our gov't if you ask me. All that energy could be put to much more beneficial purposes and maybe they could solve some nagging problems in the U.S. ***k special interests!!
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    'allenb1963' I would have to agree with you. This is totally wrong, besides I think this hold copyright war over P2P file sharing is getting way out of hand.

    Don't they have better things to do, or do they just like wasting tax payers money? I figure that this money could be tunneled into a learning program or needed children instead of just fighting over a losing battle.

    Just my $0.02...
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    Sometimes it seems me like the govt. likes to take on impossible challenges, war on drugs, war on terrorism, and now the war on sharing.
    They should instead focus their efforts on specific inidviduals(criminals) and not just blanket themselves with unreachable goals. The deep pockets of the RIAA are showing their strength.

    "And the bureau would encourage sharing of information on suspected copyright violations"

    That quote is really scary.

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    I don't know. In some ways I'm more comfortable with the FBI doing these investigations bound by the Constitution and Federal law rather than the Gestapo-esque squads that the RIAA and MPAA would inevitably come up with.
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    Yeah but there are so many issues to do with the FBI and P2P stuff. We know that it's bad to go and download music or movies because you are "stealing" right. But what if you already own it... rmemeber all these questions? How could the FBI then say you were doing wrong?

    There are so many questions to be asked and answered before all of this gets started. But I agree with all of you, that there is a lot of stuff that is getting out of hand about this subject matter. I personally think that they are jumping before thinking about what's coming up. Either that or they keep trying to push things through just to scare all the users of P2P... kind of like a bluff that they will ever really do anything. Sure they catch a person here and there, and TALK about making this and that laws, but never really do anything.

    Who knows though, in about 5-10 years there will be something we can all figure out. Seeing as that's about how long it takes for the goverment to really get their act together *grin*

    Just a thought...
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