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Thread: Kill The Warez,kill The Warez

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    Kill The Warez,kill The Warez

    HEy A||

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    All of my experiences with warez as a script kiddie were horrible. It's like that old saying,"you get what you pay for" or stole in this case. It's just not a good idea to download the stuff, it's usually buggy, shitty, illegal, and a flat out waste of time!!

    I would suggest looking for great free tools, perhaps some open-source software.

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    Warez is dangerous I would stay away from warez if I were you. Consider your self lucky that you haven't gotten yourself in a hole you can't get out of yet, since you deal with warez.

    As 'FrameWork' mention, look for free tools or you might as well just buy your own stuff. Since, messing with warez, can mess you up...

    Keep your system clean and safe... stay away from warez sites....

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    My philosophy is that if i cant afford to buy it i dont really need it. If its something i need badly enough to risk jail time and possible loss of certifications (yes boys and girls M$will strip your certs like MCSE if you get caught using pirated microsoft programs) then i can usulay come up with a l;egit way to get the program i need. Leave warez alone

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    Besides chances are that when your downloading warez your downloading tons of viruses and trojans.

    Usually your best bet is to just buy the program. That way you know it is gonna work.

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    go to www.knoppix-std.org they hav an iso file that u burn to a cd and has LOADS of phun warez and its all free but you have to be running linux to use it they hav everything fromt honeypots to password crackers DoS attackers trojans root progies everything perfect for seeing if u hav a secure system or testing a different system its about 600 megs and will take forever to download and this program was listed on the screensavers on tech tv and somany ppl downloaded from the site that it crashed and they have it back up for the most part and hav a few mirrors but they will be bussy and kinda slow so i sugest using the bittorrent for windows to download it it will go lots faster happy downloading ( p.s. have a good video game, book, dvd, tape, cd or something to do in the mean time while it downloads cause i have cable and it took 9 hours)
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    Yeah well warez is illigel but so is weed.

    But if they really ae doing something "wrong" i dont know ,cause M$ would have had them
    sued long ago (i know they have been sued by M$ and other companies alot)
    but my point is that if they did something illigel ->they would not be on the web.PROMPT.

    I downloaded that Covert Ops game (zipped only 120 meg ) ,i have a dail-up connection,wich is the only affordable connection type here, and i downloaded every night
    from about 8pm to 9pm (it was very expensive those days to use a phone) for 2/3 weeks.
    So i know its not just getting the correct ftp link but also downloading it ,and ofcourse ->
    you never know if it could be a demo or broken or ****ed what ya downloading

    (*tip for newbies*CHECK THE SIZE YAH DOWNLOADING 1ST, TO SEE IF ITS A DEMO */tip*)

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    Yeah i smoked weed for like 5 years or so..... i remember how everyone mentioned that it's a "gateway" drug, i just laughed at them. A few years later i was recovering in the hospital from a fellow "dealers" attempt to kill me with an overdose, so i don't take all that too lightly anymore.


    I disagree, they are infact breaking the law, it's just that MS and law enforcement don't have all day to track down these scumbags. As quick as you can take down a warez server, you can put one back up. It's just a cat and mouse game and the warez folks come a dime a dozen.

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    I dont remember one person the downloaded something from warez successfully
    do you?

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    Warez is a fun way to get acquainted with the latest viruses on offer.

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