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Thread: AIM Screen Name maker w/proxy option

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    AIM Screen Name maker w/proxy option

    I want a aim screen name creator that allows to load proxys so its possible to make as many sn's as possible. i saw one before but it was poor quality. Anybody have links for good progs?

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    I'd love to help you out but I'm having trouble understanding your question. Maybe you could edit it? If I did understand correctly, and you want a program that just creates lots of AIM screen names, then you might want to delete this thread before you get negged to death.....but if I'm wrong then please clarify your question.

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    *albn scratches head...

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    in your first question here on ao you wanted a c compiler so you could run 'sploits' against your machine. Now with this question i gotta say you aint nothing but a script kiddie

    a 'would be' script at that!
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