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    Friends,how can i deny a member of my group write permissions on a file we're sharing,without affecting the rest of the group members?Ant alternative suggestios are welcome.Thanks

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    need more info

    can you give a little more info, like wht type of file, what os, stuff like that would help in giving you a good answer.
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    Only thing i can think of is to create a new group excluding this member or remove this member from the group.

    Theres no way to change the write permissions on the file without affecting the other group members.

    Maybe someone else can offer a better suggestion?

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    Depending on the OS, you could create an ACL and place it on the file; however, I wouldn't recommend doing that. I would recommend addressing whatever issue you have with this one person...

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    just remove him from the group or place him in a restricted group. If have a problem with
    a user address the user. Before doing the above, What OS RU talking about more info would

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    Well , You could place him in a restricted shell . But the thing you can do , like everyone said is to exclude him from this group.
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