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Thread: multithreaded server windows

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    multithreaded server windows

    Hey all,

    I do know how to program a simpel multithreaded TCP/IP server on linux/unix (gcc)
    with pthread and sockets..

    can anyone help me (examples or links) do the same on windows (Microsoft Visual C++ 6 / MFC)..

    I googled, but couldn't find the kind-of-example I am looking for...

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    Well actualy if any of you have an example of a simple (echo server or something) server with just two threads (a gui and a server thread), since the actual service the server will have to provide can't be multithreaded (poor disk IO and mutexes in closed-source-program), I'll just use the TCP stack as a queue..

    thx. in advance..
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    Take a look around CodeGuru they have a lot of samples/howtos for windows C++ programs.
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