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Thread: build your own?

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    build your own?

    I posted here a few days ago asking on if you think I should get a Desktop or Laptop. Remember, I'm the cheap guy who wants over 1GHz for under $1000 if possible. During that post it came up that I might want to build my own so that's what i'd like to ask. Should I build my own computer by buying the parts? Is it likly cheaper or more expensive? Is it likely I'll mess things up if i don't know what i'm doing(Manuals are for wusses is a habit of mine). Keep in mind I'm cheap and don't want anything perpriitory if it can be avoided, I've heard nothing but trsh toward the consept for people i trust. Thanks for all the help, hope you gain for it as well.

    That's $1000 CND, even less then $1000 US but hopefully not for long, eh?
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    If you know what your doing then I'd build my own computer.

    I built a computer for $1400 U.S dollars (I know its a little over the 1000 dollars)
    I have a 2.8 GHZ processor.
    80GB HD
    128 MB video card.
    ect ect ect.
    Cool computer.

    But since your wanting to stay cheap then building you own would be your best bet. You could build an athlon 2200 XP
    64 MB video
    512 ram
    and decent mobo for under $800 or cheaper.

    Lower the processor, Video card, ram, and go with a cheaper mobo like shuttle and you could build one for about $450 U.S Dollars.

    One of the best sites for you to use is www.pricewatch.com

    So overall, if you want a decent machine but want to stay on the cheap side then I'd say building your own comptuer would be for you.

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    if you purchase a computer it is almost always cheaper. you can't buy in bulk like dell and gateway can. My last couple of purchased computers were emachines and cost almost 800 less then the equivalent Dell machine. They don't package as much software, which cuts cost a LOT.
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    Try www.tigerdirect.com or www.half.com or ebay.com (works good,) great low cost . Stick to what souleman said, great idea.

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    The trouble in comparing building your own vs buying a prebuilt is the bundled software. If you currently own software and can migrate it, it will be cheaper to build your own. You just have to pay that Micro$oft tax.

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    So the majority say buy a premade and since I will probably need some software considering my old comp and all it's software will be half accross the country by the time i buy this, sounds good. Took a look at half.com and it had the prefect PC for me cheap and with a goddreview. Thanks everyone.
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    OK another alternative in my opinion is buying a really cheap piss of crap. Then customizing it and I don't mean with Software I mean customize the piece of junk upgrade it. Depending on where you go you can get a cheap PC 200 US that's what I did to get my Internet Crap. I just bought crap then upgraded certain things made it bigger, better, stronger. (sorry)
    But yeah that way you can learn about the computer at the same time. Another Idea look on the net to see if anyone is giving away anything seious people give away all types of things all you will probably pay for is shipping and handling.

    Hope it helps


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