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Thread: 8 red dots WTF!

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    hehe....how it seems the one just got lucky or something...but well you know the ending

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    LOL, Quad would be jealous ....
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    I belive this was before the AP's where fully able to ban, and there for he amounted alot of AP's before her was manualy banned.
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    Rogue, I think you meant Sebastian12, lol that was funny...
    Besides with Oblio around you could flame in style

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    Vic!? You don't remember Seb-G? Heh. Here is a thread he posted in. Scrol down. . you will see him. click here Here are some other "infamous" characters in AO's history: Eating_Scarlett, Raditz, Giovanni (If you search back you will find a nice long Flame from Neg to Giovanni , heh) sebastos12 (as Vic said), Gbin@ryR .

    I don't know how many of the older members here remember this thread. . . but it was fun while it lasted. lol.

    The World's longest thread:

    edit: I think Seb-G was the worst member AO has ever had.
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    When I see the threads I missed back then, it hurts my heart.

    Anyway RogueSpy thanks to a link to the past, I saw a lot of familiar names I don't see around these days. AO has really evolved. I need to do a search myself to catch up on the stuff I missed while I was gone....

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    DAMN That thread is long. But the one with Seb-G should go in tech humor very funny, it got me laughing. . Thanx for the laugh RogueSpy. Looks like you had some get times back then.

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    heh i had forgoten about all those guys I was just starting out in AO around the time of oblio - well a wee bit before i think as i was kinda established (i think!?) when the flame wars started....

    heh i miss those days now was nothing better than a nice long flame to get rid of all the stress after a hard day.

    Hmmm maybe we should persuade the new overlords of AO to create a forum were ap's do not apply (and each member is given a unique flame board name so no reprisals can be made outside of that forum) were people can flame away again just for the hell of it

    is such good stress relief (and fun)

    /me wanders of in search of scriptliddie-forums.net to sign up to - bound to be something worth applying some constructive critism to in a place like that


    edit -> ok a quick question.....this is an issue that i have quite hazy memories off and maybe an idea of what happened but the details of which i am unsure. I only thought about it when reading that old post and saw a fimiliar name....well what was once a familiar name around the boards but one now that i think only a few of the older members will remember (prolly those who have been around 2yrs+ maybe not so long perhaps 18months??) Remote_Access_
    What happened that he got banned? From what I remember he was a good contributer to the forums and the community as a whole...I know he wasn't mmixed up in the whole alliance thing that caused the banning of some of the other senior members as i think he was already gone before then.....
    I hope that if it was something quite contreversial that i have not stirred up a hornets nest - surely it has been long enough for whatever rift or whatever happened to have healed over by now........dont want to step on anyones toes, just blame my natural curriousity!
    I also have a vague recolaction of him coming back with an almost identical nick but where is he now? I know alot of the older members have simply drifted away, is thats whats happened or is there another explination? I know there was some kind of court case but i thought that was resolved without the loss of his liberty or am i wrong?
    Anyone remember/know whats happened? If its not appropriate to discuss in an open forum please pm me

    2nd edit -> heh well he aint vanished at all.....well i suppouse he has a bit. As was surfing round forums i noticed my name as the most recent poster to the 'how do i' forum - not realising this thread is in that forum i decided to invistiagte exactly what post i had replied to recently in that foum and lo & behold 2 threads down (here was the man himself - so RA maybe you can shed some light on the subject???

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    v_Ln are you reffering to this thread:
    Hacking Challenge
    It was recently brought up by RogueSpy. in the following thread:
    Please be careful!
    I wonder what happened to the dude.
    Rogue dug up some other thread as well. Like this one:
    This message is for Louie aka limp1058 (Warning to Skidiots )

    I personnally like the following alot:
    Raditz, this one's for you...

    There was one more about Negative flaming Sebastian12 (?) about greeks and stuff but I could not dig it up.
    Sorry bro, a bit tired. (why do I clear my IE cache ?)

    Whatever happened that got R_A_ banned I do not know.

    Well anyways

    Buenos Dias

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