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Thread: Wtf!

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    This is ****ing ridiculous!
    Have a look at this perfectly reasonable request for help HERE

    Now i cant for the life of me think why this guy was negged to near death for this.
    Fair enough, my godson could probably have a better go at spelling, but thats no reason.

    Sorry for the rant, its just this **** really ****s me off!


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    Oh man!! Indeed... Last time I took a look at that post he had atleast one dot of green then next thing I know a easyly answered post gets shot the hell up with neg. This guy's english may have been so poor that he had no idea what the heck the errors where even saying.

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    i ad bttr lrn ta spell.. or i wll b negged to the crapper..

    u see a number of posts each week like that.. sum ppl don't like poor spelling, poor grammer or just poor questions.. just hope it isn't the same ppl on each thread.. we need the spelling police..

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    You make a fair enough point Und3rtak3r and I agree with you to a certain extent BUT I'd say it's only a valid point applicable to those where English is their first language. The guy is from Saudi so his first language is probably arabic - not only does he have to learn a new language he also has to learn a new alphabet. I think hitting him so badly is a little harsh in this instance - if the guy was from America, UK, Aus or even parts of Europe (where many people can speak at least passable English - though some Europeans can speak better english than the English) I'd say fair enough but... come one cut the guy a little slack. I'm with r3b00+ on this one.

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    shite I must be tired.. just re-read my post.. SRY

    My intention was to comment about the neggers not the victems..

    While I find it annoying to decipher a post that is written poorly be it because English is not native to their local or second to Techno-lese.. But that is not enough to bounce a post/thread out of existance..

    My comment about "spelling Police" was to bark at those who feel it is needed to neg a post for this reason only.. (Mind if it was a tutorial and it was spelt like I started my last post.. I would expect the post to be shot down..)

    I thought with AP poster's name on a AP assignment would reduce this crap.. supose smack them down b4 they can hit back.. the cowards way.. yeh way to go..

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    Ya but you know what? His english isn't bad. In fact, he was to the point and made sense. I understood what he was getting across. And I have seen far worse posts than this in regards to spelling.

    He had minor typos (most likely fat finger syndrome). I expect that someone negged him because the questions he asked could be researched easily via google. (Now, I'm guessing here). The other reason could be where he is from. Long standing issues between Indian and Pakistani "hackers" have been on-going. (again, just a WAG).

    The only way to find out is to ask him what the negs said and who they were from.

    Just because AP Assignments are now showing doesn't mean that some won't assign posts negs for whatever reason their heart desires. It just means we know who it was. And it easily could have been two seniors who did it effectively enough -- don't need a lot.
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    r3b00+ you beat me to it. I was just wondering what did he do wrong. I have to agree with you, I don't see why he had to be negged to death.

    Spelling shouldn't be a reason to neg someone. I mean the guy is probably trying so hard to form one word much less to form a sentence. I say they should have given the guy a break.

    For instance, those of us who travel have experience with instances where we are in a foreign country and can't speak the language. When someone who's native to the country comes up to us speaking english it feels so wonderful. Most of these people try hard, why can't we just be a little more fair at times. We may fall in the same situation some time.

    I still can't believe it though... Am hopping it was in error...

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