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Thread: Bug can jump between?????

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    Bug can jump between?????

    hi, e\one a bug can jump between NTFS and FAT partations?

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    **Thread moved from Oops! to General Chit Chat**

    Oops! A bug forum is for bugs that relate directly to Antionline. As for your question, care to elaborate? What do you mean "a bug can jump between NTFS and FAT"? Are you asking if a bug can jump between the two if you have both installed, does bug mean virus..?
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    Exactly what are you asking? Is the bug(whatever you mean) jumping from the NTFS partion to the FAT or vise versa.

    Oh by the way FAT partions don't see NTFS partions but NTFS partions see FAT.

    Elaborate what you mean a little more and I will see what I can do to help you....
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