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    System Commander

    Ok I need a little help. I recently Installed Linux, on my Laptop. Which was previously running Windows XP. Now here is the problem. I used System Commander to do it. Now System Commander partitioned my Hard Drive for me but the problem is it didnít leave me enough space to run Linux with any extra packets, so I had to run it at minimal Capacity or packets. I have tried to run Partitioning tools in System Commander to move free space to Linux but System Commander always freezes up. So here is my question does anyone know a way to update my system so that I can actually run more then basic Red hat. I mean damn this is really a learning experience because I am in a Unix account that it is all Boot: Format. (Whizkid2300Ŗ not the worldís greatest Unix user far from it.) Next question does anyone know any good Perl Tutorials or places to go learn Perl.

    Oh and a piece of advice for any other Noobies do not try to be big **** and Partition your Hard Drive yourself or Install a new OS with out prior learning about it. (Whizkid2300Ŗ ******* that tried both and had to reinstall Windows about 5 times and thanks God that he had his friend tell him a couple things about how to or he would of certainly really jacked something up.)

    I jacked up my entire Hard Drive trying to manually Partition my Hard Drive. Oh man I jacked it up. But live and learn I learned a lot from those mistakes.

    Ok another learning experience to the group, see the problem on my PC I had someone else install it for me so they did everything. She is kinda mad at me now so, I canít ask her what she did.


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    Partition Magic has always worked wonders for me for the partitions.

    Here's a link for some Perl resources here.

    Found it with a quick Google.

    Hope that helps.
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