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    Talking Contribute to an A.I.

    Hey peeps:

    I have a personal project of mine I wanna see if anyone can help.
    I'm planning on writing my very own A.I. Even though I haven't finished learning C++ yet, what I have learned has given me lots of ideas.
    So far, I have a couple of concepts to build it that I THINK are unique. I can't discuss them now, though I can say one of them has to do with binary opertors.

    Anyways, if you have any Ideas or maybe a programming tip you might wanna share with me,I'd apreciate it. If you do contribute a new idea, I'll put you on the A.I.'s credits, or in her memory, or any other way I can digitaly "immortalize" you.
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    Just a question, but how long have you been coding in C++?
    Even though I haven't finished learning C++ yet
    It isn't something that you can finish learning, you may master it but there is always something new to learn in programming.

    BTW Good luck with your project

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