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Thread: Solving Common Problems with Norton Antivirus 8 Corporate

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    Solving Common Problems with Norton Antivirus 8 Corporate

    Typical Problems Running/Installing Norton Antivirus 8.0 Corporate

    Note: Some of these problems occur with NAV 7.6, some solutions can work for previous versions.
    Use the following link and Document ID's for information concerning NAV 8.
    Knowledge Base: http://www.symantec.com/techsupp/ent...roduct_kb.html
    Document ID’s:
    2002073014500548 – NAV 8.0 Installation Walk-through
    2002091816421448 – Clients no longer communicate when Server IP changes
    2002120614094348 – How to configure Remote Quarantine Purge
    2002101409403448 – Changing Parent Server and moving the clients
    2002082110083748 – How to Troubleshoot NAV 8 communication Problems
    2002092514302348 – Changing a client from Unmanaged to Managed
    2000072808055648 – Changing a Client from Managed to Unmanaged

    ---Problem with NT Machines – Cannot install due to an error involving Transman.dll---
    1. Insert CD2 and browse to \navcrop\rollout\avserver\clients\win32\support
    2. Copy the following files to c:\winnt\system32: transman.dll, cba.dll, msgsys.dll, nts.dll, pds.dll.
    3. run this at the command prompt: regsvr32 c:\winnt\system32\transman.dll

    ---The clients are not showing up in the SSC---
    Make sure that the server has a static IP address and that the address is correctly inputted into the grc.dat file. Browse your registry (regedit) and go to the key HKLM\Software\Landesk\Virusprotect6\currentversion\ addressCache\<server-name>. Look under Address_0 and count 16 values over. Translate this to decimal format using a hex-translator (http://www.dataip.co.uk/Reference/HextoDecimal.php). This should match the ip address of your server. Change this if it's not pointing to the server IP (ex: 169.254.147 = A9 FE 93).

    ---There are problems with clients getting virus definitions---
    1. Make sure the clients are seeing the parent server. You can check this easily by opening NAV on the client computer.
    2. If the parent server is correct, copy the GRC.dat file from the parent server and place it in c:\docs&settings\ all users\application data\symantec\Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition\7.5\. Restart the client computer for these settings to take effect.
    3. If it still isn't working make sure the client is looking for the right server IP address which is explained above.

    Overall, if there is a problem with communication try copying the GRC.dat from the parent server to the Client machine. This will fix most problems.

    I've attached a zip filed containing debugging tools and a batch file of my own to help transer GRC.dat files.

    ---Debugging Instructions---
    1. Find the file debugOn, it's a registry file, and open it. This will extract a line to the registry turning on the debugging mode.
    2. The server and client communicate every 60min by default with keepalive packets. The client sends out a packet to the server and the server responds by adding the client to it's list. To check for communication, the server debugging screen should show alive--<client name> and the client should show CheckInWithMommy. If the server is showing that the client is alive the communication is working fine.
    Note: to decrease the time between check-in's, open the SSC and open Virus Definition Manager. Click on settings by the checkbox "Update virus definitions from server." Change this value temporarily to something low, ex: 2 or 3 minutes.
    3. To turn off the debug mode, run the DebugOff in the zip file.
    4. The CopyGRC... files are to copy the GRC.dat file from the A drive to the specified folder. To use these correctly, copy them to a Floppy disk, run CopyGRC_A and then run the CopyGRC_2K or CopyGRC_NT on the client machine depending on the O/S. These files will copy the GRC.dat off the A drive onto the client machine and then restart NAV for you.

    Hope this helps anyone having problems with NAV corporate 8 or 7.6!
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    wouldnt it be easier to use a FREE antivirus that has no common rpoblems ...for best antiviruses and firewalls search the forums ..... still good tut

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    wouldnt it be easier to use a FREE antivirus that has no common rpoblems ...for best antiviruses and firewalls search the forums ..... still good tut
    While I agree with your sentiments.. for individuals .. But.. In a corporate enviroment there are very very very very few free AV progs. This is where AV companies make their living..
    Also.. I challenge you to show me software that dosen't have any "common problems".. once the same problem cause is fixed by the same cure on 2 machines.. it is a common problem..
    But I suspect I am commenting on a difference of understanding..(perhaps on my behalf)

    BTW.. Looks like handy Info CS4Life thanks..(HL rules OK)

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